Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Seven Year Itch

Well, the good news is...I'm starting to walk around like a 29 year old woman and not an 86 year old man.  I probably need to sign up for another race :-)  Taking it easy this week, no runs (resting the foot, which is doing well!) and no bikes...cause....the bike's getting new cable housing installed. (My goal for Sodus in 3 weeks is to *not* want to pitch her overboard!).  So I've been swimming, doing yoga/pilates....and....swimming....this week.  Hey, we all need a down week.  I'm a bit at loose ends of what to do next for training, but you know me.  I've got some ideas floating around (surrounding half marathons and marathons, of course) and I'll get back to ya with that.
The bad news is....there is no bad news.  Other than the fact that it's Wednesday and I would rather it be Friday (of course) it's a good day!  The heat wave broke a bit, work was (a bit) less stressful, there's an awesome weekend of stress free racing ahead, and....I've got the seven year itch.
Well, i touched on it before, but the hubster and I believe in celebrations.  Not over the top expensive celebrations, but recognizing our pivotal days together.  And even though we're old married farts now, we still recognize our "dating anniversary" (which, for all intents and purposes, was randomly picked.  We met in February, went on our first date in March, and did our first race together in August....but we're pretty sure our first "fancy date" was in July, when we ditched the other people we were "kinda seeing" and decided to do the whole label thing.
That was 7 years ago today :-) 
Nothing big on the agenda today....we have a small limit for gift exchange just to remember the day-I got him a small stuffed cow (inside thing) and a magazine subscription, and he bought me pink cable housing for my bike (which is an awesome gift, in case there was question:-P) and we might go out for ice cream to celebrate....or maybe just watch some So You Think You Can Dance :-)  We live it up that way.
Even though we don't have a party planned, I think it's still important to acknowledge the day, and my best friend.  To smile about the fact that we "get" each other.  We can be silly guys...acting like 5 year olds.  We tell dirty jokes like we're in middle school.  We still smooch like we're in high school.  And we tell each other "I love you" every day, regardless of whatever crap comes our way from the outside.
I couldn't have picked someone better to go through life with.
Plus, he supports my crazy endurance lifestyle.
Even though he's about a million times more rationale with training and racing than me.
Hell, he's the one that introduced it.
Sucka :-)
Happy (dating) Anniversary, babe!  here's to 77 more years together! (But after that, I think we need to break up.  Heck, enough's enough, right? :-P)

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