Friday, July 6, 2012

Baby Steps

Today can really be summed up with those two words.  Baby Steps.First...the baby.  I got to see the cutest baby ever today-my best friend from North Carolina was in for the weekend and my awesome boss let me shift my hours in order to meet her, her husband, our other bestie, and her brother (and my B Lo Running buddy!) out for lunch.  The guest of honor?  Little Ashley, her two month old daughter!
Wow, time flies.  I swear I was just in North Carolina for her shower.
No, scratch that.  I swear I was just in her wedding.
Good thing that the world changes doesn't mean that I'm getting older...just that the baby is.  Yep.  I'm there now.
Check out the cutness!

Awww.  Nothin cuter than a lil baby to spice up lunch.
Off much less worthy note, I decided to go out on a limb and get a veggie burger at Bill Gray's (sacrilege, I know....wasn't feelin red meat).  Shockingly, not bad.
And freaking huge.  (TWSS?).  Lastly, I did something today I was pretty sure didn't exist anymore in 2012.  I flipped open a phone book.  Remember?  Those things where you used to look up numbers before cell phones, I phones, Droids and the Internets existed?  Yeah, those things.
Saved us 6 bucks on lunch.  Bam.  Thank you, yellow pages.
And now, for an encore....nowhere near as cute as bebe, but for the second part of today's post:
As in, follow up appt with the podiatrist.
Guess who's clear to run?
Yay!  The doc said to build it up a bit at a time,
and I got some orthotics to help keep the brunt of the burden on the forefoot and not the toes.
I know it's 95 out.  I don't care.
My running tights are neglected.
As are my shoes.
So off I go....for 5 minutes, anyways :-P
And then again tomorrow.
Ahh, red letter day.
How was yours?


  1. RUNNING TIGHTS?? it's freaking 95 degrees out!

    1. just a figure of speech :-) Would you feel better if I said my lululemon shorts? ;-D

    2. much better! in this heat, I run in the least amount of clothing possible