Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Hey there kiddos!  Hows Wednesday treating you?
I'm just dandy.  A bit tired, but that seems to be par for the course this week.
Speaking of courses....I'd like to talk about one of my favorite ones.
Yep, we're back to running.
Remember last year when I pulled a crazy and trained for a marathon through a snowy winter?  Yeah....I'm not bright.  Anywhos, I got through the training by running loops for 90% of my long runs.  See, in the single digit weather, it made sense to be somewhat close to home in case I needed to warm up or bail if the weather got bad.  A bit monotonous, but it worked. 
And I used it again when training for Chesman...made it a 4 mile loop to get used to running the same damn boring loop for an Ironman marathon (which....did not work.  Evidence of my marathon meltdown.  Hey, you can only stare at grass for so long).
So when I head out for a run....I decide, based on how I am I want adventure?  Do I want predictable?  Do I want hills?  Do I want flat?  (ha.  Just kidding on that last one.  Where I live, there is no such thing as flat.)
Yesterday, I wanted adventure.  I wanted to run.
Photo courtesy of the hus-guy
But I also NEEDED predictable.  The ability to cut it short if I needed to.  The knowledge that I know people who live along the route-just in case.
So, I headed out.
Just for 20 minutes, I said.
4.06 miles later, I stopped.
I ran!  A real run!
Was I supposed to?  Eh, probably not.  The doc said take it slow.  I did, but I'm not sure that's what he meant.  Anyways, I did a 9/1 run/walk ratio for 4 miles in 36 minutes....I'll take it.  Was it hard?  Yes.  But I don't know if it was the heat (85 degrees) the fact that I haven't really run in almost 7 weeks, or if my foot was weak.  The foot didn't hurt.  It felt less strong than the other one.  It stumbled a bit on even ground.  And when I got home, I applied an ice pack, stretched the snot out of it, and prayed I could walk well the next day.
It's the next day.
I'm dancin' along fine.
Do I have a ways to go?  You betcha.  But I'm still doin' the happy dance.  Shoreline run relay leg, I am IN!
And if that don't do ya for a Wednesday, your standards are too high :-)
How is everyone else's mid-week shaping up?

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