Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hot Dawg!

Happy 4th of July!  Are you enjoying your day?  It's a great day up here in New York to celebrate America's birthday....sunny, 90, and perfectly summery :-)
In honor of the day, the hubster and I went all out.  Strawberry pancakes for breakfast (yum!), a long bike ride, hammock time, and some ice cream, and maybe a pool in our future :-P  Not bad for a Wednesday.
And, of course...aside from being America's birthday, as well as parade and fireworks day...let's not forget the New York Holiday.
Oh yeah. In Coney Island... It's Hot Dawg Day.
He looks worse than I did at mile 140... :-P
In case you're not from here (and live under a rock) the 4th of July is also Nathans Hot Dog eating contest.  It's tradition  How many hot dogs can they stuff down their gullet in 10 minutes?
Go Joey Chestnut.  He won for the 6th straight year (tying Japan's record streak holder Kobayashi), eating 68 hot dogs.
The "Black Widow" (Sonya) won for the ladies...40 hot dogs in 10 minutes.
Wow.  Ridiculous.  And yet strangely, epicly American.  Here, let's see how much bad food you can shove down your gullet in 10 minutes...whoever eats the most, gets $10,000!
If our forefathers could see us.
Hey, they're probably laughing. 
What other country would celebrate their birthday by eating a bunch of fake meat sticks?
And what other country would call it entertainment to watch it?
Happy Birthday America.
In all your screwed up state, you're an awesome place to live :-)
Now, off for some hot dogs.
I mean, watermelon.  And Ice cream.  Hey, you have your traditional American food and I'll have mine.
Happy 4th of July!  Enjoy the fireworks tonight!

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