Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Links

Friday.  Huzzah!  Or....time to drop.  For some reason, this week has really got me through the wringer.  Not sure if it's the residual of the race, or my insane start of the work week, but I am dyin'.  So, I apologize for the lameness of this post (my 500th post, yay!), but once again, it's time for link love Friday!

1.  The busy trap:
 How are you doing?  I'M SO BUSY!  We seem to wear this as a badge in America-the more we can prove we have "omg so many things to do", the better we think it looks.  But are all these "things" necessary? The activities, the social plug ins, etc. etc. (Is that ironic to unfold that here?  Probably).

2.  Children or Races?
This article takes a look at the impact of your outside life on your job, specifically as a woman, and specifically in relation to two aspects:  racing and children.  The author argues that people that participate in endurance events, such as marathons, are looked upon more favorably by bosses as people that "work harder" and that the 15-20 hours a week of training for tris or running races is seen as "effective time management" whereas having children and dealing with their schedules, childcare, and running a household are not.  The author argues that both are "choices", so why hold one over the other?  What do you guys think?  In my experience, the opposite is boss is very supportive of my training and thinks it's awesome, but having kids is the ultimate get out of work early/free to take the kids to the doc, call in sick, or pick them up from the bus at 2pm.  (No offense to those who have kids, I just wish the playing field was level.)  Thoughts?

3, $35 a week challenge:

The challenge issued to 10 fit fluential bloggers: Live like those on food stamps for a week...$35 for each grown adult in the familym $20 for each child.  No previous pantry staples or any groceries in your fridge allowed.  Can yu do it?  (Works out to $5 a day, or $1.66 a meal).
Ehh.  Draw your own conclusions, but I think the concept of "living like the other half" is a bit ridiculous here.  If they called it a budget challenge to trim your budget, fine.  If a single blogger can live off $35, fine (I think it becomes much less impressive when you have two adults for $70....the huz and I almost never spend more than $60 a week on groceries, and no, we don't go out to eat typically), but the idea that this in any way mimics those on food stamps is silly.  Eh, to each their own.  But to me, the whole thing smacks of "look how I can eat healthy on pennies, why can't you".  Take it as you will.  I'm way too opinionated for my own good :-P

4.  Batman Begins Shooting:

Not much to say here.  i';m sure if you don't live under a rock, you've heard this sad story.  My heart goes out to the families of those killed and injured in a sad, senseless act of violence.

No fifth link today...blame the tired :-)  Catch ya tomorrow!!

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