Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Fine Art of Timing

Hmmm.  It's taper week.  So.....not too much going on in the world of training....means...I can talk about other things.
Yes, there are other things in life besides triathlon.
I think.
Or so they tell me, anyways.
Oh, wait-I know one!  I married him!  Okay, fine, technically he's a triathlete, too, but sometimes we talk about other things.  Like vacations.  To do races.
And presents.  Like....new bike jerseys.
Damn.  I am so not helping my cause.
I'm just kidding, of course.  Kinda.
But while we're on the whole vacations presents sctick, let's stay there.  Sound good?
There are times in life when you can save some money.
And then....there's a 3 week stretch in July/August.
See, the hubster and I weren't the most brilliant grapes in the bunch when we got together.  Our first date was July 18th (well, when we "officially" started dating.  Our first date was in March, but our anniversary is in July.  Long Story). 
The hubster's birthday is July 22.
Our wedding Anniversary is August 8th.
(Le me mention that in that 3 week spread we also have the birthdays of two parents.  At least I had the good sense to be born in October, right?  Heh).
So...how do we do these important dates without breaking the bank?  A few thoughts.
Our anniversary of dating is pretty important, but can be celebrated with small, funny gifts.  We don't ever want to forget it, but we usually do a $5 limit and try to get something to make the other person laugh.  Last year, I got a stuffed Monkey.  The hubster got Beast temporary tattoos.  Of course, there's a story line to those!  We usually celebrate with a small date night-maybe a favorite dinner in and ice cream out.  $20 all around and a happy, special day celebrated.  Awesome.
The Birthday.  Well.  I want to tell you SO BADLY what I got the hubster for his big ole 29....30....um....34...but silly boy reads the blog (awww) so we have to wait a few more weeks.  Suffice to say, I think he'll be happy (I hope!) but also know that I paid about 25% of the retail price for the gift.  No, I didn't cut corners.  I stalked sales for a month to get him what i wanted, and pulled out all my tricks to save some cash.  Sweet.
The anniversary, though....what to do, what to do?  See, for this one, we follow tradition (cause you know that tradition is oh so important :-P)  Next month is 3 years.  Wow, has it been that long?  And 3 years, according to the traditional gift list is...leather.
Year 1 = paper (a framed canvas of our favorite wedding shot and "paper" plane tix to San Francisco)
Year 2 = cotton ( a hammock and a cotton bathrobe with a gift certificate for a couples massage in the pocket).
Leather?  What does one do with leather? 
No, not a leather DADDY.  I'm not looking for something that says "Dad likes Leather" or even husband likes leather :-P
What should I get?
We don't need luggage.
No wallets.  Or belts.  Or shoes.  Or assless chaps.
Hmm.  Hmmmm.   Something to occupy my taper :-P
Have you celebrated 3 yet?  What did you do for "leather"?  Or don't I wanna know?

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