Thursday, July 12, 2012

That Great Street Carnival

I've walked these streets
In a carnival
Of sights to see
All the cheap thrill seekers
The vendors & the dealers
They crowded around me .....
It's that time again...for my hometown's annual fireman's carnival.  Held in the second/third week of July a mere mile away from the house I grew up in, it's a fun way to spend (part) of an evening and take a stroll down memory lane.  Last night, the hubster and I hit up the main drag to see what kind of fun we could stir up. gotta try to win a goldfish.
Then, we checked out the basketball games...and debated spending a zillion bucks to win a Jamaican banana.  Nahh.
 Then we hit up "I got it"-a bingo type game where you throw balls in a cage to see if you can get 5 in a row for a bingo style win.  We ran into a few familiar faces at the tent....
 And even won a game!  Loved the sign we picked accurate :-P
 And our other buddy managed to secure a pond full of fish! 
 Not too shabby for an hours worth of work (an $30 later, but hey, it goes to a good cause, right?)

Ahh such summer fun.  The hubster and I took a turn around the carnival after my parents left, and as we strolled by the sights hand in hand, laughing at the little kids, teenagers, and senior citizen's costumed band (yep, you heard that right)  I smiled and remembered my past with this carnival.
When I was 8 and dressed up for the kiddie parade as the Ace of hearts (and won $20, thankyouverymuch).
When I was 12 and visited the dunking booth to hang out with my crush (ahh, men in speedos.  Still...not hot, but I seem to find my way to them!)
Watching the fireworks as a tween with my new boyfriend, feeling like I was the luckiest girl.
Trolling the grounds as a teenager with my friends.
Returning each year with the hubster, sometimes for the carnival, sometimes for the fireworks, and enjoying a slice of my childhood that I now share with him.
Priceless :-)
Is there a town carnival in your hometown?  Does it pull you to "way back when" too?

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