Sunday, April 1, 2012

Monster Truck time!

Hey hey hey!  Enjoying our little April freeze?  Brrr!  Today is a very special day, but we'll get to that in a sec.  I know you're all dying to find out how our vehicle shopping went yesterday (yup, we found it!) so here's a little recap....
We visited both Vision Henrietta and Hoselton in Fairport.  I had some thoughts going into the search (Either the Equinox or the Rogue) but kept an open mind.  The hubster and I checked out an ass ton of vehicles....

We took a few out for a test drive-The Equinox rode really well, but we just weren't sure at the end of the day about it.  However, I had my mind solidly made up, and the hubster aqcuiesed to my #1 chocie (woot woot!) for 3 reasons:
1.  A happy wife is super important (hah, wish that worked!)
2.  It had planty of cab room AND room for the bikes
3.  It's pratically required in Wayne County (land of the farmers)
Check out our new piece!
 Awww yeah, baby.
WOOOHOOO!!  Can't wait to pick it up! (har har har)
In other news, I had a giant revelation today about my calf's called compression socks.  I own 3 pair.  Maybe they should stop warming my sock drawer?  Dummy.  Since I got that flash of brilliance, I decided to be a silly goose and try a run.  My sched called for 10 miles, I decided to go for 3.  Then it started sleeting.  And snowing.  And I was wearing one layer sans gloves...Rae, you're a moron.  So you know what I did?  I finished it.  The whole 10 miles.  Maybe because I didn't plan on it, I couldn't feel my legs, or I just felt awesome.  I guess you can never tell what's gonna happen...running, I think we can be buddies again!
The Workout
10 miles, long run pace
10.03 miles
Time:  1:27:41
Pace: 8:45
Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go celebrate. Someone turns 15 today.....
 She asked for a case of canned food and a tuna cake.  I want a chocolate cake.  We'll see what kind of compromise can be reached :-)


  1. Yeah you ran. Wish you could of been with us at Spring Forward!

    1. ugh, i know. Wish I would have had a crystal balll-would have rather been in Mendon!