Wednesday, April 25, 2012

HIM Training Week six-squash em!

This post was written a bit early...chalk it up to jamming a 7 day training week into a five day week!  Since the hubster and I took off Saturday-Saturday, I had to get all my workouts in in 5 (ish) days....Monday-Friday.  Yep, that's 3 runs, 3 bikes, 3 swims, and 2 total body workouts....yeesh.  How'd I do?  I turned my 8 mile long run to a 6 mile run and my 2 hour ride to a 90 minute tempo ride, but I'm pretty satisfied overall, as I have a hard time fitting in two a days that last more than an hour a pop on a weekday....I know, I know, HTFU :-P  Maybe when they pay me to do this stuff, but for now, it's all fun and games!
Without further adieu.....I give you week 6! 
The Stats
Swim:  7100 yards (3 swims)
Bike:  76 miles (3 bikes)
Run: 19.5 miles (3 runs)
Strength:  2 full body, 3 abs-sweet!
Week low:  swimming fast continues to allude me.  I did a one mile time trial this week....sucked big time.  Like, 2 minutes off my time last year.  Am I tired?  yes.  Stressed?  Yes.  But I need to do something to improve this....right now I'm a front of the pack runner (ish), middle of the pack biker, and back of the pack swimmer.  Now, I wouldn't give my running skills away for anything, but it would be awesome not to have to play catch up for the rest of a tri after exiting the water!  I think it's drill time!  (Or I'll just steal Victoria's skills and call it a day :-P)
Week high:  8 mile tempo run.  4 seconds off goal pace (8:19) but I felt friggin awesome.  This makes me feel pretty good about a strong half next month-anything can happen, but I'm slowly getting back to where I was last year pre-Ironman.  I totally could have run 5 more miles at that pace. Sweet.

1/3 of the way there.....and it's rest week time!  When you read this post, I'll be laying on a beach, sipping rum punch and trying not to fry myself.  No formal workouts next week, but I know for a fact I'll be staying active-the resort has a gym, I'm bringing my goggles and cap (hey, who wouldn't OWS in Caribbean Waters??) and planning on tennis, golf, and anything else fun that comes my way :-)  Formal tri training to resume on Monday, April 30.  Here's to a week of relaxing to get my mojo back and come back stronger!
How do you handle rest weeks?  Although (sadly) I can't jet off to a foreign country every rest week (I WISH!) I try to stay active but take a rest from timed swimming, biking and running.  It's not the smartest thing, but I hate being inactive, so I cross train (lightly).
Have a great week!


  1. I have a great idea: I take your run skills and you take my swim skills.

    I guess that is what a triathlon relay is. Hmmm.

    1. good point. Now we just need a speedy biker...and a tri halfway in between!!

  2. Have a great one and it sounds like things are coming along. With regards to your swimming, build over time, get the drills in, have someone film you so you know the exact drills you need to work on in the water to make you more efficient, and remember, as long as your not too far back, being super efficient in the water and coming out not tired and ready to rock n roll on the bike n run will do you better then beating everyone by 2 minutes and being exhausted and not biking or running to your abilities and not hitting your goal times at all. Keep at it, your doing awesome.