Tuesday, April 10, 2012

HIM Training week 4: Stuck in a box

It's that time of week again!  Well....one day late, but I plead chocolate bunnies and wacky families as an excuse....sound good?  Good.
4 weeks down, holy crap.  Does it still feel like the off season to anyone else?  I suppose I need to get my a$$ in gear....in 3 short months....14 weeks...I'll be dipping a toe (and then much more) into Seneca Lake.  Yikes.  Truth be told, I know I could finish this race tomorrow if I needed to.  Not overly fast, but I could complete it.
Easily Amused.
I want to compete.  And my training really has been a bit "blah" lately.  One speed runs, one speed bike, and one speed (slow as F%$) swims.
Kinda feel...trapped in a box.
Hardee Har har. 
Let's talk numbers, shall we?

Week #4:
Swim yardage: 5100(2 swims)

Bike Miles: 110 miles ( 4 rides)
Run miles: 21( 3 runs)
Strength: 1 full body workout, 2 stand alone abs.
Week Low: Tempo run turned easy run.  Why am I so afraid of tempo runs?  Cause they're hard?  Nah.  Probably because I'm afraid I cant hold an 8:10 pace for 6 miles anymore :-(
Week High: 45 mile ride-longest so far this year, held steady 18.5-19.0 mph pace on a rolling course.  This is my bike year.  I know it!

Some thoughts for week #4:
Do not skip thy tempo run.  Speed play is fine, but how else are you gonna try for that sub 1:50 if you don;t get used to running fast (er)?  NOTE TO SELF.
Getting much better on the bike-feeling better in aero in general, which will help for musselman. 
I'm feeling stronger from my strength workouts (wow, such a deep concept, lol) but it's time to stop phoning it in with the abs.  I'm feeling a bit "fluffy" and I don't like it.

Week #5 goals:
3 15 minute ab sessions.  No bullsnot.  I'll be kickin my OWN .....abs.
Legit tempo run.  4 miles.  No excuses.
10 minutes of stretching, at least 3 times (seeing as I'm writing this on Tuesday and have not stretched yet :-P)  I know this will help me feel better.

Today's session:
warm up half mile @ 9:00
3 x 1 mile repeats @ 7:25 pace (2' recovery)
1 mile easy jog
Time:  45 minutes
Distance: 5.18 miles

Rawr.  Maybe I should go make good on my goal and stretch now :-D
Got any fun goals for the week? Ready, set, go!


  1. what half ironman are you training for I don't see it on your list?

    1. woah, needed to update, thanks! I'm doing Musselman...love that race :-)