Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tunes of the Times

What a gorgeous, sunshiny Wednesday here in New York!  A bit chilly, sure, but we've been awfully spoiled here with 70 degree days, so 50 in April, which is normal, seems weird.  No biggie-put on a sweater.  Or go for a run.  50 degrees= perfect running weather.  Which is good,because I had a (gulp) tempo 8 miler on tap.  8 miles-goal pace 8:10-8:15.  I had a feeling this was going to tell me quite a bit about what to expect for my upcoming race (target half pace-8:18).  I decided on a two loop course-5 miles for loop one and 3 for loop two.  Boing.
It felt pretty good (in a hurts so good way, of course!).  Tempo runs are never easy.  And the fact that I was just shy of my goal made me feel pretty good, seeing as I have 6 weeks till go time!
The Workout
Distance:  8.41 miles
Time:  1:10:09
Pace:  8:20
Best part?  As I was hitting a wicked hill at mile 4, I heard a song that made me giggle.  (I had a random mix uploaded).  Muse fades and the new song comes on....the Sccooooobbby Dooooby Dooo! Theme song!  What?  Yup, you got it.  Well, it made the hill fly by like woah, and set the tone for the next 4 miles.  I find that when I have something to think about, the run flies by, and I spent the next half hour crusin' down memory lane.  I used to love Scooby Doo when I was a kid...Scrappy Doo and Shaggy cracked me up, and I would watch it all the time.  Incidentally, Anna Nalick came on at mile 7, which, oddly, was the song that ran through my head when I was doing my first tri back in 2005 (Breathe...just fitting!)
I cruised in that last mile with a smile on my face, in a sea of good thoughts.  Do songs ever do that to you?  Transport you to another time that (to be frank) you are glad you're past, but gives you pause and a laugh, remembering the good times.  I immediately came back, stretched, and headed toward my computer to look up some good ole memory songs and put them on a play list for tomorrow's workout.  Wanna laugh (or possibly a stroll down memory lane yourself?)  Check out my middle school/high school/college love play list!

1. Montell Jordan "This is how we Do it" (8th grade formal-girls vs. boys)
2. Oasis "Champagne Supernova" (9th grade boy related madness)
3.  Poison "Fallen Angel" (10th grade boy)
4. Monty Python "I bet you they won't play this song on the radio" (Spamish lore)
5. Green Day "Good Riddance" (High School inspiration song-so Ironic)
6. Baz Luhrmann "Everyone's Free" (high school joie de vivre)
7. Berlin "Take my Breath Away" (high school prom)
8. Aerosmith "Crazy"  (Oswego going out song)
9. Neil Diamond "Sweet Caroline" (Geneseo Bar song)
10. Bon Jovi "Livin' on a Prayer" (Geneseo going out song)
11. Semisonic  "Closing Time" (Geneseo senior year tribute for dance)
12. Beyonce "Naughty Girl (Club 9 theme song)
13. Travis Tritt "Hunk o Burnin' love" (Roost!)
14. Tori Amos "Butterflies"  (Meeting the hubster)
15. Keith Urban "Somebody Like You" (Road trips with my honey!)
16. Rascal Flatts "Stand" (first Half Ironman)
17. Snow "Informer" (first marathon-got stuck on repeat for 3 miles on my mp3 player.  I friggin hate that song, still.)
18. Rascal Flatts "God Blessed the Broken Road" (wedding song)
19. Europe "The Final Countdown" (Ironman Lake Placid)
20. Eminem "Till I Collapse" (Ironman #2)

Ahh, such good memories :-)  And even though I wouldn't go back to any of those days ( I like to think I'm a bit older and (hah!) wiser-the memories are pretty sweet, still.  Funny how music can transport you to a different time and remember things so clearly.
Do you have any songs that bring you back to a time in the past?  Do they make you smile or just roll your eyes and move on?  I like to smile about the past, but live in the present.  Both have their place in my life, and it works for me.
Whew, how's that for waxing poetic about an 8 mile run?  So it is!  Little wonder I'm an endurance athlete....clearly, I am easily amused!
Have a good night, friends!

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