Saturday, April 7, 2012


Another rush rush day.  Forgive my abbreviated post, I promise more reading worth content (okay, I'll try my best) on Monday!

12 mile run=  windy.  cold.  sunny.  1:46:20.  Glorious :-)

Cooking = 2 kinds of taters, cookies.  Yummy.  I even managed not to dip into the batter-go me!

Yard work= 2 bags of flesh eating weeds.  I won the battle.  Damn you, super growing weeds.

4 loads of laundry= How are there only 2 of us?  Does the cat wear clothes, too?

House cleaning = How has it taken over an hour to clean a room that will just get dirty again in 2 minutes?  Hmmm...

Cleaning the garage = Really, I'm just being ridiculous now.

Singing "Shots" and the top of my lungs along with my Ipod and turning around to see the neighbors laughing at me.....$hit.

At least I ran 12 miles.  The rest can stay in the house after I move.  tonight. :-P
 New Examiner post on Flower City Festival-only 3 weeks away!

Have a wonderful Easter everyone! 

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