Friday, April 20, 2012

Checkin' it twice!

ONE DAY ONE DAY ONE DAY ONE DAY!  Yep, you saw that one coming.  Tomorrow at this time, I will be Oceanside with a nice lil drinkie poo by my side, not a care in the world.  I CANNOT WAIT.  The hubster and I have never taken a vacation like this-scratch that.  I've never taken a vacation like this!  Never been to the Caribbean, never been to an all inclusive....just can't wait :-)  And to answer your next  I will not be blogging!  I have a few pre-written posts and may pop up one day with a picture post, but I'm actually taking a vacation :-)  Check back next week for some fun tri-food-blogging controversy posts and I'll be back with you on the 29th.  Double promise.
Let's talk about the days before a big trip, though.  If you've seen my packing list for a know I'm a bit ridiculous when it comes to organization (I prefer forward thinking in lieu of anal retentive, thankyouverymuch).
 You know what, though?  It really helps the stress of a trip!  I tend to make packing lists a week or so in advance, then add things on as I think of them-separated into clothes, toiletries, and the good ole "Etc" category.  Add in a handy dandy to do list and you can check check check your way to having everything done and onto your vacation.  Call me crazy, but it makes pre-vacation week so much simpler!
Let's take a peek at this list....
1.  Clothes-  duh.  But I'm(of course) a little more ridiculous, so I break it out into normal clothes and workout clothes (yes, people, I will be working out during this vacation.  NOT training.  There's a difference.  I'll get to it.  Promise).  We're going for 7 days, so in order to be a cheapskate (check back tomorrow for saving pennies while traveling!) I pack 4 base outfits and accessorize.  Four pairs of shorts/capris, 4-5 tops, and a few dresses for the upscale reservation restaurants.  Two pairs of sandals in brown and black-goes with everything!  I'll wear the bulkier items on the plane-jean capris, sneakers and a hoodie (just in case). And the rest?  Cover ups, bathing suits and beach clothes!
2.  Workout clothes-  I had to laugh when I saw the hubster's suitcase....we very nicely packed our lounging suits and beach ware...and then a pair of goggles, speedo, swim cap, and running shorts.  Hey, to each his own, right?  I figure while in the beautiful Caribbean waters, why not get a nice open water swim in?  Will I be timing myself?  HECK NO.  But I love it, so logic follows that I will want to expand that hobby while on vacation.  Same thing with a run.  Running sneakers and tights-check.  You better believe I'm running on the beach!  I packed two sets of workout wear-will rewash or hand wash if need be.
3.  Toiletries-I'll talk more about this tomorrow, but the hubster and I usually share most toiletries and each pack a bit.  I just have to remember...this guy knows that I look like at my worst (Ironman finish line!)   I need what makes me comfortable, not the height of fashion!
4.  Etc.-the catch all "fun" list.  Kindle, camera, netbook, magazines, cash, passport...etc. 
Am I too over the top?  Maybe so.  But I'll tell ya, when readying a house for vacation, shopping for last minute essentials, trying to wrap up a week at work and getting in double workout days to prep for next weeks (well anticipated!) rest week for kept me sane.  Well, at least until I realized that I forgot to put underwear on my list.  (face palm).  Hey, that's why we do it in advance :-)  One last tip?  When you think you've packed everything, have your travel buddy list off 5 "essentials" randomly and check them.  Toothbrush?  Socks?  MP3 player?  License? Sunscreen? 
Check x 5.
If I forgot anything, screw it.  I can live for a week!
How do you pack for a trip?  Throw it all in a suitcase and say stuff it?  Or are you over the top like me?

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