Monday, April 2, 2012

HIM training week 3: The Teenager in me

I'm lame and apparently suck at April Fool's jokes.  No, we didn't buy a ginormous truck (although I seriously wanted to.)  The hubster put down the foot of reason and sort of insisted that I wait until I'm 60 for my beloved big a$$ pickup truck.  Fine.  October 2, 1972, hubster.  I'm waiting.

Awesome Fortune cookie from Saturday!

I was gonna go with the obligatory GUESS WHO'S PREGNANT post, but, really, that would have been dumb-though I feel it would have been hilarious was I actually :-P  (no, I'm not.  Pinky swear).  Ahem. Moving on to April 2, then....
With regard to the vehicle, we really did go look and narrow it down to two choices:  The Chevy Equinox and the Hyundai Tucson (thanks Alexa!)  We wheeled and dealed for the Equinox, but didn't get a number that we liked, so we walked away (which you should ALWAYS do!)  I expect a call today with a "OMG brand new offer that JUST came in!" so we'll see where we go from there.  Right now we're still on the fence....
Equinox:  A bit bigger, slightly better ratings, smoother ride.
Tucson:  Same gas mileage, still decent room, slower acceleration, about $2000 cheaper.  Plus you can get free oil changes for life (worth about $1500).
Decisions, decisions :-)  Does anyone out there own either one of these vehicles and care to weigh in?  I would be most interested!!
Moving on to training.....week #3 in the books!

Week #3:

Swim yardage: 4900(2 swims)
Bike Miles: 81 ( 3 rides)
Run miles: 19 ( 2 runs)
Strength: 2 full body, 2 core
Week low: 9 mile run on Wednesday.  For the first time ever, I bailed on a run.  I've had a few calf issues, and I was also mentally shot.  It even led me to break up with running for a week.  Meh.

Week Highs (2!):  #1.  40 mile ride on Saturday.  I watched Twilight, did 30 miles easy, then inserted pickups in the last 10 miles.  I was tired, of course, but I felt super strong.  I'm gonna make that bike course for Musselman my b*tch.  Just you wait.
#2.  My run!  My run!!  Woohoo!!  Of course, I am a fickle son of a b.  I break up with running, then take it up again 4 days later?  WTF?
Well, I really had no darn intention of lacing up for a week, at least.  And then Sunday came.  It was dreary, cold, and meh.  Then, a few things happened.  First of all, the hubster commandeered the trainer (damn him.  You'd think we bought it to share or something, jeez! (we totally did).  Okay, fine.  So I can either ride later or try a run. Hmm.  I was debating this when I started to put away my laundry, and lo and behold, in my sock drawer, I found 2 pairs of compression socks and my sleeves!  Dummy.  Maybe those guys would help with my calf pain??  Wow.  Now, I know the smart thing to do would have been to wear them around the house and adhere to the no running thing.
No one ever accused me of being smart.
10 miles were on the schedule, and I was gonna see if I could at least do 5.  So I set out for my 5 mile loop.  The rain turned to sleet.  Then snow.  It was frickin' cold.
And it rocked.  I knocked long run goal pace (which is Half marathon pace plus 30 seconds on this plan) outta the park and felt awesome. 
Why?  I don't know.  But I'm not gonna turn my nose up at it.  Running, we are now friends again! (I'm such a fickle teenager).

Week #4 goals-speed work in the pool to work on getting those times down and healthy eating so I can indulge a bit on Sunday :-)

Lastly (such a long post!) we ended the weekend with a salute to the birthday girl!  To my 15 year old fur'd better plan on sticking around for another 15 years :-) (Yeah, we let her eat the whole "cake).

How was your weekend?  Play any good tricks?  Get fooled?


  1. Thats so cute, summer got a card from her gramma!
    Happy Birthday Summer!

  2. Thanks cuz :-) Uncle Alan sent the bday love...Grandma and summer don't speak :-P

  3. LOL, that Hilarious!