Monday, April 9, 2012

Indecent Tattoos, used tires, and a pickle

What in the heck do any of those things have to do with Easter, you might ask?
First of all, don't ask :-)
I didn't expect that one would work...heh.  Well, apparently, in my wonderful blended family, they all constitute great dinner conversation. 
Backing up....
The huz and I started Easter with some basket love ...
 6 30 minute massages/foot rubs/hair brushing...yes, please!!
We then headed out to my cousin's for our traditional Polish Easter Brunch.

Times 2.  Plus a piece of kuchen, of course.  Yum yum.
Post brunch, we hit the cardio button to empty our tummies out for round two.  Greg-long run.  Me-long ride.
Then, round Aunt Diana's house!

 Dinner time!  (Plus, of course, some second helpings)
And of course....the usual shenanigans.....
 Stick a (spoon) in it?
Well, I didn't know it was that scary :-P
Dinner conversation:  Tattoos on sensitive parts, soup that tasted like used tires, and gifting unwanted pickles.
Say what?
Yup, you got it. My family-strange.  Greg's family-strange.
A perfect blend :-)
How was your Easter?  Eat too much chocolate?  (You bet I did.)  Have any family get togethers?

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