Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Baconator

Happy Sunday, folks!  I know, it's strange to see me blogging on Sunday, but, rest'll be quick.  I've got some bad TV to watch and coupons to clip, so here goes the whirlwind post :-) (such a wild woman, I know)
This post is brought to you by BACON.  No, Pam, not your favorite kind....I'm talkin another kinda meat.
Specifically, the famous kind.
Kevin Bacon!
Th hubster and I were eating brunch this morning (sadly, no bacon was involved) and reading the paper, when I stumbled upon this:
Public Service Announcement:  Make a Difference Day rocks.  And, of course, it's super cool that Kevin Bacon is getting involved in the effort.  But the best part is....the title "Six degrees of Service".  Freaking awesome journalism, hitting the 25-40 crowd right there.  Why's that, you ask?
Have you NEVER played the Kevin Bacon game?
Best road trip game, drinking game, boring, waiting in line anytime kind of game-
The six degrees of Kevin Bacon! Back in 1994, Kevin Bacon stated in an interview that he's pretty much worked with every actor/actress ever.  And, OF COURSE, we have to turn that statement into a party trick, right?  Right!
 The theory can relate any actor or actress to Kevin Bacon within six degrees.  For example...let's pick one of my hotties.
Joshua Jackson.
He was in Mighty Ducks with Emilio Estevez (1), who was in The Breakfast Club with  Molly Ringwald (2), who was in Sixteen Candles with Joan Cusack. (3), who was in Runaway Bride with Julia Roberts (4) who was in Flatliners with Kevin Bacon.  (5).
After you've established the degree of Bacon involved (har har), you challenge the next person.  Awesome game.  Not gonna sugar coat it, the hubster and I play this game quite a bit....trying to fall asleep, he'll challenge some random actress like "Susan Sarandon" and I've gotta figure it out
(Susan Sarandon was in The Client with Anthony Edwards (1) who was in Top Gun with Tom Cruise (2) who was in a Few Good Men with Kevin Bacon (3).  (Actually, he just gave me that one....took me about 5 minutes to figure it out!!)
Madding.  But highly amusing.  C'mon, you know you wanna play it!
In other news, I did a 10 mile run today.  Easiest 10 miles I've ever done.  No lie.  Did I hit my goal pace?  Nah, I was a few seconds off.  But who cares?  I played in the rain for almost an hour and a half.  Life is good!
The Workout
Distance:  10.02 miles
Time:  1:28:07
Pace"  8"49/mile
Humid, but rock back sound track and a glorious run!  Mud puddles are where it's at!
And just in case you need a bit more bacon in life, check this buddy out:

Either you love me or you just had a heart attack.  Or maybe a bit of both :-)
Have a wonderful Sunday eve....enjoy what's left of the weekend.  And enjoy The Kevin Bacon game...please don't hurt me!!

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  1. I enjoy the rain on a long run.