Monday, April 16, 2012

Him Training Week #5: Feelin' alive!!

Holla atcha!  What?  I need some new ways to say hello :-)  Welcome to Monday!  How's your day going?  Mine...could not be better.  Not because it's
gorgeous here or the countdown to my vacation is....ohh.....5 days!! (thought hose things certainly help on a Monday!) but, MORE IMPORTANTLY, my bestest friend, Rachael, had her first baby this afternoon...a gorgeous baby girl!  (11:58 am, 6 pounds, 14oz of cuteness!)  Awaiting more details, but congrats to Rachael and Don for bringing a new ladybug into our world!

Now, onto lesser important things, but hey, I suppose thats all relative, right?  Right.  I wrapped up training week #5 yesterday, and damn, do I feel good.  Let's take a look!

Week #5:

Swim yardage: 4900(2 swims)
Bike Miles: 72 miles ( 2 rides)
Run miles: 28 ( 3 runs)
Strength: 2 full body workout, 3 stand alone abs.

Week Low: swim, maybe?  Finding it hard to hold onto the speed  I had last year, but that's obviously due to the fact that I've been slackin' on speed work and swimming LSD.  Note to self-incorporate more speed work and lay off the drugs (kidding!  LSD= long slow distance if you didn't know)
Week High(s!): 10 mile run that felt great, 30 mile tempo ride (could have gone much further but ran out of time instead of energy!) and my tempo run where I nailed it hard core!

Clearly, I feel pretty good about this week!  I'm not in Ironman or PR shape, but I didn't want to dire during any of my workouts, and that's great to me.  This week will be a challenge-I have 5 days to fit in 7 days worth of workouts, so I'm expecting some early mornings and two a days.  From Saturday (21) to Saturday (28) it's a big rest week-odd to have two weekends (almost) but for Jamaica...I guess I'll suffer :-)  I'm fully planning on activity while I'm gone, but it's most definitely a rest week.

Speaking of which....I'll have a few blog posts up while I'm gone (pre written, of course!) but if anyone has a burning desire to throw out their wisdom (please, this blog could use some class!)  shoot me an email if you'd like to write a guest post-I would be honored to share your thoughts on my blog!

One last note....need a Monday LOLz?  Check this bad guy out!  If I ever look like that at the end of a race (well, in girl form)  or....even 1 mile in....I will kiss the ground. Sorry ladies, apparently he's taken!  I sort of hate you, ridiculously photogenic guy.  But you're also sort of adorable, too! :-)

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