Monday, April 1, 2013


Again, sometimes saying less is more :-)  Here's a weekend peek at Easter 2013 at casa Glaser....
Makin the cookies...

 Bump cookie!

Egg Hunt/present time

Easter Bunny brought goggles and a swimsuit-yay!

Brunch sweets

Easter #2....Glaser time!

Cute Couple :-)

Too funny not to capture :-P
 Awesome weekend.....full of family, friends, laughter, love and of!!  Today is a veggie filled reset day and a relaxing day.....with the lil guy, my hubs...and most importantly, our fur child Summer!  She turns 16 today....hard to believe I got her when I was a lil freshman back in high school!!
To my baby 'roo- I love you so are the best snuggler, cuddler, wet food inhaler, talker, and flirt that any family could ask for!  We love you so much!!

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