Friday, March 29, 2013

They Never Told Me That!

Well, with trimester two full into swing and 5.5 months into this pregnancy, I think it's about right for me to share some of my random thoughts about it.  I really enjoy pulling together weekly "Where is baby g" posts, but it's time to get a little ego centric....this post is all about me, me, me and the last 23 weeks of life in this baby makin' machine :-P  So what are my thoughts so far on this pregnancy?  What didn't I expect?  What's shocked the heck out of me?  Here goes....

The Things They Never Tell You Before you get Pregnant

1.  How freaking tired I would be.  All. The. Time. This first took me aback in trimester one, but people said I would feel sooo much better in the second trimester.  Um....not quite.  i can function, go to work, run errands, do my normal stuff, but I pass out awfully quickly.  Can someone write me a note for work to get an afternoon nap?  Thanks :-)

2.  That I would feel full.  All. The. Time. I think this is probably why I haven't gained more....I have cravings, sure, but I really haven't been able to eat a normal sized meal since about month 3.  I just get so full, so quickly.  And if I overeat, its the worst thing in the world-like Thanksgiving bloat yuckiness.  I've read that it's my body shifting it's organs around to make space for baby, but I sort of assumed that it wouldn't really affect me until I had a belly.

3.  That I would actually look pregnant!  My stomach is starting to get bigger (duh, of course) but I sort of thought it would happen sooner.  I know that not too many moms to be show in trimester 1, but it's a little bit strange to know that I will be 24 weeks along this weekend and still have people ask me if I am just starting out...or where the baby is....or....really, just not say anything, cause I don't look pregnant, just like I ate too much dinner.  Yikes!  The big plus of this is that I haven't needed maternity clothes yet-my jeans fit with a hair tie, and my work pants still button.  Yay for carrying high and baby finding good snuggles!

4.  How Darn Much my taste buds would change.  I've heard about pregnancy cravings, of course (who hasn't?)  You mostly hear about either the sweets cravings (chocolate 24/7) or the odd cravings (the ole pickle and ice cream).  For me, I've consistently wanted pizza, potatoes and cheese....but my taste buds seemed to morph overnight from someone that generally prefers sweet (oatmeal, yogurt, fruit, berries, chocolate) to someone who cant get enough savory (eggs, cheese, chicken, beef, pretzels, veggies).  It's so strange.  Not bad, just different!

5.  Really, how weird it feels to have your baby kick you!  I remember vividly the first kick about 6 weeks ago....and every week, the lil one reminds me how fast she/he is growing and getting stronger with kicks.  Little butterfly kicks, nudges, and lately, a few whoppers that make me laugh.  It is, of course, the coolest thing ever with respect to the fact that it means baby g is an active little's kind of weird, too. I can't explain it.  How surreal to have something from the inside that you can' control at all making judo moves on you!

6.  The amount of people that must really hate parenting.  I'll keep this one brief, but it just amazes me the stories that I hear from parents about how horrible it is and how I will never be able to do what I want...ever again.  Or do anything fun...ever again.  Which makes me wonder why anyone would ever have kids if that were true?  They don't tell you that you will get to go to the zoo....or have a glitter fight...or explain to a 3 year old why the sky is blue.  It's not all sunshine and roses, for sure, but it's a new adventure and a change in my life that Greg and I are so ready to embrace!  (And for the record-yes.  We are sleeping in now.  But who wants to sleep until 9am anyways?  That wastes half the day!!)  Tongue in cheek, people.  Remember, in my blog, I am usually sarcastic, that's my style :-P

7..  That I would still be able to be so active...just not on my own terms.  Let me preface by saying that I am by no means complaining!  I know some women run up until they day they deliver (crazy Chicago marathon woman) and some women can't run at all while pregnant.  I've been able to do almost everything-more swimming and biking than running, obviously, but I can reasonably still run.  But my body really dictates what I can do, when, and for how long.  I just have to know the signs to back off-which I am doing, but it really goes against my nature.  Its so hard to be a half hour into a bike ride, feel cramping, and stop.  Just not in my nature,  But this is baby G's show, so we do things their way.  Again, no complaints, I know how fortunate I am!!

As the sixth month approaches, I'm sure I will fall more into the "standard" of pregnancy symptoms....but for now, these are my thoughts for things I just didn't really expect.  The journey has been amazing and wonderful....I can't even express how lucky I feel, hearing some other people's stories and experiences.  But they never can tell you everything, can they? :-P

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