Friday, March 15, 2013

Welcome to G-Loser Land

And, when you have mishmosh to talk about, you save it for Friday and slap on a cute label....right?  Right.  Happy (almost) weekend!  What's going on with you this Happy St. Patty's day weekend?  We have some cool things going on.....well, they're cool in my little world....

Tomorrow is the annual Johnny's "Running of the Green" 5 miler in Rochacha.  I've run this race since 2007, and it's the traditional kickoff to "spring racing season" in our parts.  Since I've technically already done a few races this year, it's not a kickoff, but since I'm technically not "racing" this year, we'll call it a wash, right?  I have a personal 5 mile PR of 38:06 for this race back in 2009, and have no delusions about coming close to it this year.  Greg has told me I am under strict orders to run at my normal or slower pace and wear a damned heart rate monitor so I don't get ridiculous.  He's right.  So we'll just take the baby out for a leisurely strut in the snow tomorrow.  Damn you, winter.  Also worth noting- the Glaser's are not doing this event....the "Gloser's" are.  Whoever did the forms must have done a typo....for both of us??  At first we thought it was cool, then sounded out the different  ways to say Gloser.....damn.

I have an alien in my belly.  Oh wait, you knew that.  I know I keep saying it, but I'm pretty darned certain that this week reigns the end of normal pants for this preggo.  We've got the hair fubby working hard core in pants world, but I swear my belly is visibly expanding daily.  I know it's supposed to expand, but someone is in speed mode lately!!

In other's Day Care time!  Greg and I had an appointment tonight with a local daycare in Gananda.  They are family run, but have all the state certs, which was really important to us.  They seem like awesome people, they keep log books of the baby's days, and also have curricula for the older babies, toddlers, and school aged kids, which is awesome.  All day care is expensive, but this one is a great deal more affordable than all of the other options we've researched, so I think this one's a keeper!  Woohoo!! round out random...we finally got our Tax "refund" today. I love it when you owe a certain amount for tax prep then manage to get almost exactly the same amount back....with our overage, we can buy one case of diapers or go out to dinner twice.  Chinese and pizza sound good right now :-P

And that's my life lately.  Random bits and pieces that make up the 24/7 pretty decently :-)  What's new with you?

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