Monday, March 18, 2013

Johnny's Running of the Green-Kiddo Style Race Report

We came.  We saw.  The, um, weather conquered.  But nonetheless, I will come to you with a race report because gosh darn it, I always do!  So let's talk about Johnny's Runnin O the Green, where there was little green, alot of cold, and a few thousand bad a$$ runners!

And now, since I have a little karate kid in my tums who lets me know ALL THE TIME how well she/he is doing, I'll just let them tell you.  Not like I get much of a say anyways :-P

Mom was super tired last night, so she went to bed early and managed to get 9 hours of sleep.  I was a good kid and only kicked her bladder a few times, so bathroom trips were minimal, which made her happy.  We got up, said NO to banana oats (who eats that crap anyways?) and had a yummy English muffin with butter and jam pre race.  Plus decaf.  I'm not old enough to drink coffee....Mom says it stunts my growth.  Mom and Dad's friend Brennan came over and we all rode to the race together....and ran to the building near the start...cause it was cold!! 
Pre Race, we did some stretching and made a few potty breaks.  Well...Mom did.  I go when I want.  Hah.  We said hi to a bunch of friends, who told Mom that I play hide and seek really well for being 22 weeks out!  We lined up with Dad before the start, who warned Mom to remember that I'm just a little guy and not to make me race too hard.  He made Mom promise to take walk breaks and NOT try to beat the other big people, cause it's hard work running for two!  Mom agreed, of course, (and actually stuck with it this time.  Go Mom!)
The gun went off, and we....well, we weren't off right away.  There were tons and tons of people, so we pretty much walked the first few minutes, then we did a light jog.  The first mile felt easy peasy at 9:45.  After the first mile, a few of mommy's friends ran with her for awhile, then I reminded her that Dad said to walk every mile, so she stopped and took a breather.  And we were off again!  Mile 2 at 19:25.  We hit the turn around just before 24 minutes, and took in some water and walked again.  At mile 3, we saw a Ninja Turtle pass us (which was cowabunga dude!) so that was neat.  We ran with a nice lady for awhile who told me I was setting a PR.  I was like, well, yeah, Mom and I are the bestest and Mom made some lame joke about setting a world record because she could divide our time in two.  Silly goose.  Doesn't she know that in a few years I'll be making her chase me??  Anyways.  Mile 3 at 29:00 and going strong.  Mile 3 to 4 was a little tough for me.  It was cold, and Mom got a bit thirsty.  She stopped for some water, and the nice Irish guys offered her a Guinness, but since I can't even drink coffee, she said no to that, too.  (I never get to have fun).  We hit mile 4 at 38:30, and were heading into the final stretch!
Mile 5 was the most fun ever.  We had lots of energy cause I told Mom to go for it, I wasn't tired.  She sorta listened, but she didn't go crazy or anything cause she's overprotective like that.  We passed a few suckers and crossed the finish line at 47:50, which was really 47:55 race time.  A 9:35 pace and we came in 70th out of 160 people in our age group!  I told Mom that they should have a pregnant age group and she told me not to get cocky and enjoy my green bagel.  And then I kicked her.  Cause I can.
After the race we hung out a bit, then hit the parking garage to hightail it home and hit the showers.  Mom and Dad took some silly pictures, cause they are silly gooses.
It was a really fun race, and even though it was cold, I'm super glad I ran it with Mom.  I can't wait for the next one!!

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  1. Best post ever!!!! Love :) -Stephanie