Saturday, March 2, 2013

Confessions of a Pregnant Triathlete

Weekend time!  It's a full one in the Glaser casa-a wonderful dinner date with a great "new" friend, a hockey party with some friends we haven;t seen in way too long! And a birthday party...whew!

Today, Greg and I hit up a consignment sale in Egypt (sounds exotic, doesn't it?  It's not-Egypt is 15 minutes from our house) and picked up a few fun baby clothes and toys, and also "staged" the nursery so it looks really nice (pics coming).  I also got a great 2 mile swim yesterday and a 20 mile ride today-run is tomorrow, Johnny's is two weeks away!
Speaking of "training"...I've been doing alot of thinking about that this week.  Obviously, right now I'm working out in line with my docs approval in just keeping active and healthy, which is exactly right.  It's nowhere near a "race geared" year-for obvious reasons!!  But this week, since I am on the list serv for Musselman (a great local race), I got to thinking about tri' rambling thoughts at this time....

Confessions of a (Pregnant) Triathlete

1.  Treadmill running sucks.  I've done a few outdoor runs, but the most of my winter runs have been indoors.  I've mostly done slower, easy runs, but sometimes I like to see what the ole belly can do in a tempo type run (yes, I do monitor heart rate and do not push myself.)  Still...I am living for spring, when the snow goes away and I can feel good on the roads again!  (Oh wait...then I'll need maternity shorts.  Never mind :-P)  Until then...back to the dreadmill.  Ugh.
2.  I find the reactions that vary from people about running and biking and swimming while pregnant quite amusing.  Look, I show when I swim.  And run. in my own basement, so it's pretty private.  Some people think it's cute.  Some guys try to race me in the pool (hint-if you sprint for 25 yards and then die out while I'm swimming a're doing it wrong).  Some people make comments about how I shouldn't be doing what I'm doing (hint-since I got the ok for my OB.....she knows more than you) and some people just kind of smile as I trot or glide by.  It's all good.
3.  Speaking of the bike....even though my bump is pretty small (but wait till the next pic-it's getting bigger!!) is becoming increasingly less feasible for riding.  Nuh uh.  Just ain't happening.  I now feel for those toting beer bellies during Ironmans....there is nothing more annoying than the whup whup whup of your knees hitting your belly.  I know, I know #pregnancyproblems.  I'm over it already.  Just glad I can spin!
4. Even though I don't show in sweatshirts, and only minorly in work shirts...nothing makes you look more pregnant than a swimsuit!  If I had more body confidence I would post week 20 in a bathing suit.  But I don't.  So if you want swimsuit shots...check out sports illustrated.  Or get your lazy butt to the DFC and swim some laps with the preggo :-P
5.  Everyone has planned their 2013 season and is starting to train.  I am so jealous.  I have mine planned, too.  It goes something like....Run.  Bike.  Swim.  Walk.  Waddle.  Gain 25.  Do a 24 hour triathlon labor. Lose 8.  Lose 17 more.  Tri?  Late du?  Late half marathon?  Or not.  LOL.
6.  But...there is some awesome hope for my favorite tri if everything works out perfectly (like a 2% shot, but it's fun to think about!)  My favorite race is the middle of August.  Baby G is due 3rd week in July.  Hey, I was early.  Baby born a bit realy, easy birth, 6 weeks later =Sodus.  Boots is holding a spot for me in case I can race.  I love that man.  You should all go do his races-it's people like Yellow Jacket that remember their athletes that make the sport rock!  But hey, if I have to spectate, I can do that too.  I told Greg I wouldn't in 2005....but 2013 is different :-P
7.  With that said, I'm now onto planning 2014 season.  Who says there's a limit on how long you can plan?  I know plenty of triathletes that have a 5 year plan, and I have an 18 month plan.  Spring marathon?  Summer half Ironman?  Who knows?  But now I can play, and then hope that I can be a great mommy athlete come next year!  Who's gonna sponsor my BOB?  Lol.
8. Oh wait, I lied.  I do know about 2014.  With Greg's permission, I have one tri on my agenda as an A race for 2014.  Rev3 Cedar Point.  70.3.  Plus.....70.3.  Oh yeah, Ironman, I didn't stutter.  Let's dance.  2014, baby!


  1. I've never understood why people feel a need to make negative comments to or about pregnant women who work out. Have you come up with a 'shut 'em down' response yet?

    1. I know it! I just smile, knowing that they wish they could swim 2 miles or bike 20 or run a half marathon...pregnant or not :-P Is that horrible of me?

  2. Woot! Cedar Point rocks!! Glad you are feeling great!

    1. Ill be coming to you for tips next year! I cant wait!!

  3. I'm glad I found your blog! Love it! In fairness I only read this post so I haven't scoured your site for an answer to my question, so I apologize if its written otherwise

    My first triathlon was 4 months after having my 4th child and I have been hooked ever since. I'm hoping to do a 70.3 in September but I'll be into the second trimester of pregnancy with baby #6. I've been trying to find a blog or article or anything from women who've done that distance outside the first trimester. I trained for a sprint through my 5th pregnancy and made it fine up until a couple weeks before (when I had emergency surgery that was unrelated), but I have no doubt that would have been fine. It was a sprint and I would only have been 10 weeks along.

    In any case! Have you done or heard on anyone who has done a 70.3 pregnant? And how far along? Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Cherie!

      Thanks for stopping by, and a big congrats on your baby! (6-how do you do it?? I need tips!!). As far as tri-training goes, I don't have any experience with racing multi sport while pregnant. I do know there was a woman that did Nationals (Sprint) last year 5 months pregnant, and she was fine, as long as she took it slower, of course. My doc has okayed the running (I did a half marathon 14 weeks pregnant, but have been sticking to 10k or less since), and the swimming. The biking is the part I shy away from, just because my center of balance has been off for the the last few months, and I would be nervous "racing" with other people on the bike. I would also be a bit nervous to race for 5-6 hours (usually what a 70.3 takes) while pregnant-both in terms of endurance and making sure I had enough nutrition and water. But that's just me, and I'm quite sure it's been done. I think it depends on how you feel, what your doc says, and how important the event is to. If there's a way you can defer, that's what I would do, but I'm probably more cautious with baby #1, whereas you know your body pretty well with pregnancy. I personally felt better sticking to runs, because I knew if I got tired, I could just walk, rather than risking the bike and a possible crash.

      Enough rambling on my end....feel free to email me at if you want to chat more....I'm no expert, just a pregnant woman with a triathlon problem!! And if you do compete, good luck!!! What 70.3?

    2. I'm glad I found this post! I've been checking back to see if you responded but I couldn't figure out where I'd left my comment. Ha! (Yes, my brain is a little scattered :-D).

      As for children, our trick is that we have them one at a time :-). Doesn't matter what number child we're on we still have the same feelings.... "how is this going to work? Can I really handle another? etc?" and then they get here and all of those feelings flee and you wonder what your life was like before this cute human showed up! Everyday is an adventure and watching each one grow, get teeth, learn to read etc is new each time and worth everything! I love being a mom!

      Thank you for your triathlon input. I'm still kicking it around. There's an Olympic tri a weekend or two beforehand that I may consider. I'm curious about the bike portion. I normally train on a wind trainer pregnant or not because, let's face it, 5 humans in my house 8 and under and a husband who is gone all the time for work doesn't leave a whole lot of options for taking off on hour long+ rides :-). Anyway, because of that I've never really tested my balance during pregnancy. That'll be interesting.

      I'm not signed up for the race yet, it's just a military one being held at a naval base here in Japan so it won't open for entries for a couple months yet. I was planning on it pre pregnancy, just weighing my options now. I may just do the distance here at my base alone. I may die from boredom using my windtrainer to get in the bike mileage, but at least I won't risk crashing! I'll play around with what I think as things progress.
      It's been fun reading up on how things are going for you! Can't wait for you to meet your little one!!!!

    3. Thanks girl! I wanted to email you, but couldnt find your address to email :-) Good luck with your tri!! I would say if anything the Olympic is the way to go, but for sure think about balance on the bike. I've stuck with the wind trainer since month 3 :-) -Rae