Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April Shower

And sometimes....staff meetings at noon are NOT, in fact, staff meetings!

They turn out to be baby showers!!  My wonderful team got together and decided to throw me and baby g a little party....such a wonderful mid week surprise!  Complete with "surprise" face.....
A cake (it was delish!!)
Co-workers (and my belly!)
And some awesome gifts for baby g!!  (okay, and Mom too....)
 What a great day at work!!  Thank you so much to everyone who was in on the baby party....we really enjoyed it, and I feel so spoiled and loved :-)  But the showers weren't over......when I got home from work, I had ANOTHER surprise waiting for me on my porch.....

 A wonderful car seat from my best friend from middle school, Amy!  I was completely floored-aside from some facebook-ness, we haven't seen each other in years (and really need to fix that).  Such a sweet, thoughtful gift and it totally made my day!  Amy, you are awesome!!!

Just when I thought I couldn't feel any more loved.....people really amaze me.  Thank you everyone for such a spectacular and my little sugar coma-ed (and divinely future dressed) baby are so grateful for such wonderful people in our lives!


  1. YAY! i'm not on FB anymore but if you ever want to hang, my email is :) I hope i get to meet baby g when he or she arrives! I love babies!

    1. Yes yes yes!!! I miss our hangouts....its been far too long:-) email coming your way!