Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Heart of the Running Community

Hey all.  I was planning on posting my pregnancy week 26 update, but with the news that hit Boston yesterday, I feel like I need to acknowledge it and give my thoughts and prayers to those affected by this tragedy.
I'm a runner.  And a proud member of the Rochester Running Community-through tri groups, running groups, and so many friends that love the sport as much as I do.  I had several friends running the marathon yesterday, and someday aspire to join them, running through heartbreak hill on my way to a wonderful experience in Boston.
For so many, that didn't happen yesterday.
There are the obvious victims-those that lost their lives, their limbs, and were otherwise severely physically injured.  There were those that lost loved ones.  There were those that were scarred beyond any physical injury-they will carry those emotional scars for quite a while, if not forever.
Luckily, all of my friends made it through safely.
Not every one can tell that story.
I would like to say....that wishing for the good old days would make us reflect on what we've become as a society.
But...so much of our history tells the same story-of people and groups that have hate in their hearts and a disregard for the human population.
It's too much to ask that something like this won't happen again.
So, instead, we focus on the positive.
On the fact that hundreds of runners who had just slogged through 26.2 miles that turned right around to help.  In any way they could.  They assisted the victims, gave blood (not the best for a depleted body, but the thought is there, and that's what counts). 
They rallied together to show support, as runners do.
Which is why I love runners.
 I feel sad for those that were affected...to a lesser degree in yesterdays event as well.  They won't get the press, but lets just consider for a minute....yesterdays winners.  What sort of excitement can they walk away with?
Or the 5,000 runners that didn't finish?  (Race was called at 4:03....and all other runners on the course couldn't finish.  For good reason, of course, but all runners that dedicated time, sweat and tears to be there).  About those that qualified to run the race through hard work and sacrifice...whether it was their first Boston or their dozenth race.
They all lost yesterday as well.  And it makes me sad to know that.
But, as I said....that's behind us.  Hopefully, we can get some answers to this tragedy.  Hopefully, (the eternal optimist) something like this will not happen again.  Hopefully.
But, until then, we band together.  As runners, as a community, and as human beings.
Want to remember Boston 2013?  There is a virtual race taking place on May 4th to support those affected by the Boston Marathon tragedy.  It's not a fundraiser.  It's a remembrance run.  We won't be scared to do what we love-we won't slink away from it.  We will stand up, together, and move forward to something better.  One step at a time.  For more information, check out this website and print out a race bib-log your stats on facebook with a picture, and remember why you LOVE TO RUN.  That can't be taken away. 
And neither will our "Boston" dreams. 

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