Monday, April 22, 2013

Work it Mama: Trimester 2

Happy Sunny Monday to you!  Hows life treating you?  Aside from an overly active child that is starting to enjoy being a night owl a bit too much (yes, yes I know, I'll get used to it!!), I'm doing well.  A bit tired, but nothing to sneesze at, especially when it seems spring has sprung it's little head (let's hope it sticks, right??) 
Today is also a pretty awesome day - in 3 months, yep, 90 short days, our little bundle of joy is due.  Wooohoo!  We know that they come whenever they would like, but the general guideline makes me feel good....
You know what that means, right?  It's officially my third trimester!  Home stretch!  I can't believe how fast it's gone, but at the same time, I for sure feel I've been pregnant forever.  And with that being said, it's time for a look back onto the second trimester in my active momma to be view.  It was a whole different ball game staying "fit" in Trimester 2.....

Staying active in Trimester 2: Tools for Success

Again, this is all based on my experience, which of course is minimal.  But there are a few sport specific things I found that helped out quite a bit during these three months, as well as a few general pointers (some I stumbled upon, some I got some help figuring out) that made staying in motion possible!

1.  A sense of humor and flexibility!  This is, of course, applicable during the entire 9 months, but worth repeating every time.  If you feel tired, rest.  If you can't run, walk.  If you used to dead lift 100 pounds....go for 70 (or less).  Remember, you're supporting an adorable little parasite that will take what it needs and leave you...the leftovers. As wonderful as it is, that's the truth!

My hot maternity suit
2.  Prenatal Yoga is amazing.  It helps achy backs, legs, and reduces swelling.  I'm super happy to say that I haven't really had any water retention, and with my higher sodium intake, that's impressive.  I've heard that it helps with labor breathing and delivery, but I have to withhold judgement on that one obviously until July!  I've found a few cool prenatal yoga DVDs and also have done a few youtube searches to get some good routines.

3.  Swimming is equally amazing.  I don't race or do speed sets any more, but I do a nice mix of freestyle (usually a mile) and about 600 yards of kicking and backstroke to round out the workout.  I grab bag splish suit in one size up for $15.  It's slightly roomy, but I alternate between my regular stretched out suit and the new one, depending on fuller tummy days.  It works.  And my body feels amazing after a swim workout-rejuvenated and weightless (which is priceless these days!!)
think maternity suits are a ridiculous waste of money, so I purchased a

4.  Biking still works well, with some adjustments.  I can no longer hang out in aero, but I can cycle in the drop bars okay.  I might need a few extra spacers as my tummy gets bigger, and I stick to flatter courses on the trainer.  As the weather gets nicer, I have the green light to hit the canal on my mountain bike, but we'll see how that one goes.  Since I go much slower on the trails, I might be okay with it.  I know women that go both ways....once it gets warmer, Ill decide :-)

Ready to run!
5. my fair weathered friend.  I have to feel pretty awesome to want to do it, which means I'm running 1-2 times a week, max.  And by running, I mean a healthy mix of running and walking.  I'm still able to stay under 10 minute miles for up to 5-6 miles, which I will take all day long!  The belly doesn't bother me at all, but let me tell you about needing to pee all the damn time when I run.  Needless to say, I run loops or I run inside.  Hoping I can get a few races in in May....I had to sandbag this past weekend because I was just not feeling it.  Oh, also....let me tell you about normal sports bras.  They flat out don't work anymore.  At all.  I need to either double up or don my new uber compressive C9 bra.  Hey, whatever it takes.  And don't forget the....ahem, Vaseline.  Yeah.  It's like that.  Who said working out was glamorous?  And why do you think I was okay to marry my husband?  He's seen me after enough 4-6 hour races pre wedding to know what her was in store for.  Mwahaha.

So there ya go.  27 weeks and still chugging along, about 45-60 minutes a day.  Some days are 20 milers on the bike, some days are 5 milers on the roads, and some days are a nice brisk walk and some yoga.  It all adds up to one healthy momma and baby.  With the doctor's blessing and encouragement, of course!

(Note-if you are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant, make sure you talk to your doc about exercising and what is right for you and your baby-I'm no expert!!)

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