Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Show some spine

Woah, are we halfway through the week already?  It seems that the post vacation frenzy has had one benefit-time is flying!  How's your week going?
I'm afraid I have a mini sob story this week. Last week was a rest week, right?  I think I did fairly well.  The hubster and I obviously got in quite a bit of swimming (hello beautiful ocean!) and beach volleyball...aqua aerobics, and yes, I hit the gym 3-4 times for a quickie speed sesh.  Not bad.  No biking, obviously.  So...I should be rarin' to go, right?  Buffalo Half is in 3 weeks...
And I'm on the (sorta) run injury protocol.  AKA, water running and biking.  Lame-o.  Nope, it's not my knee.  Or my's....this guy:
Sea Urchin....protector of the ocean floor!
Pretty, right?  Well, I would agree.  But so much prettier when he's not underfoot...literally.  Yup, day #2 of water swimming....stopped halfway through for a breather...stepped on a sea urchin.  lame.  And it hurt like hell, but after the initial sting, I went on my merry way and forgot about it.  Well, my foot continued to hurt for the rest of vacation, but I chalked it up to my crappy flip flops.  Until Monday, when they still ached.  Right on the left arch of the foot.  Plantar Fasciitis?  Nope.  Sea Urchin spine!  The hubster took a look and I have 3 spine segments embedded in my left arch.  Gee-ross.  So, I whipped out good ole Web MD who told me to soak it, try to tweeze out the segments GENTLY, and if I couldn't get them out, to soak my foot in vinegar....apparently the spine will dissolve within a few weeks, and if it still hurts, I can go to a doc to get it taken out.
Boo.  I was able to pull my double jointed tricks and get out a decent amount last night...and then soaked soaked soaked.  If anything, it's more painful now than it was last week, but I'll keep perfuming it with vinegar (so sexy) and being careful this week-hopefully it goes away on it's own.
Truth?  I feel pretty bad-ass that I ran 9 miles on sea urchin spine.
And just a little bit crazy.
Hopefully it goes away soon, though.....I have a 10 miler this weekend I would like to try at half marathon pace.  (fingers crossed).
As always, I manage to keep it interesting, right?
Have you ever had a crazy brush with wildlife? 

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  1. Just with squirrels, it's a family thing.