Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bucket time

The danger of going on vacation....you have plenty of time.
Time to think.
And rest.  And rejuvenate.
Which leads to more thinking.
And plotting.
And plenty of perceived energy.
So...the bucket list grows.  Especially when you bring Runner's World AND Trail magazine to the beach.
Poor hubster.  I'm so lucky he doesn't mind my whims :-)
Along with a gorgeous tan, plenty of play time, and wonderful meals, I got excited during this trip.  And that hasn't happened in awhile.  Since 2010, to be exact.  (Now, lest you judge me, all things related to this post have to do with fitness milestones, thankyouverymuch.)
In 2008, there was my first marathon.  And first Half Ironman.
In 2010, there was my first Ironman. 
In 2011, a PR in the marathon, half marathon and Ironman.
Now what?  I've kinda been hanging out there without any kind of goal.  Need to fix that!  So, in typical Rae overboard fashion, I started a fitness bucket list....10 running and tri goals to keep me busy for quite awhile!  Want to know the extent of my madness?  Check it out!                                                                    

Norseman "swim start"
1. Mind the Ducks Ultra - This ridiculous race has intrigued me for several years, and I think it's a worthy 2013 goal.  It's a 12 hour race....see how many half mile loops you can complete in that time.  Crazy?  Yes.  But I think this will be my first Ultra next year!
2. Leadville 100 miler - Whatcha think, brother in law?  2015, maybe?

3. Grand Canyon-Rim to Rim
4. Kona Ironman.  Every triathlete's dream.  Maybe when I'm 50.  or 60.
5. Boston Marathon - I'm 25 minutes away from qualifying.  Wonder what I can do if I'm not Ironman training?  46 marathons to find out....
6. Trail Marathon - Definitely a must do before #2.  And probably more than that :-P
7. International Marathon - Sorta torn between Rome, Athens and Sydney.  Maybe I'll win the lotto and do all of 'em!
8. Norseman - The most sadistic 140.6 possible.  Check it out.  Then give me a ride to get my head examined.  Anyone else find it a bit hilarious that this is substantially cheaper than Ironman?
9.  Run a marathon in all 50 states.  I've done 3.  Gulp.  Anyone feel like hosting a runner?
10.  Ragnar Relay.  I need 11 people as crazy as me.  Any takers?

Vacation Racing?
Goal #9 is obviously a crazy goal that will take some time...but at least I can fit in some of the other goals within it- Leadville (Colorado), Boston (Massachusetts), Kona (Hawaii), Trail Marathon (plenty of states!).  Sweet.  However, it's also the one I have a shot at making progress towards this year.  The hubster and I are already planning our next vacation (crucial when you get back from your last one, right?) And we've decided that a long weekend in October is mandatory, preferably somewhere in New England where we can check out the pretty foliage.  And then I found this dangerous site.  Find a marathon based on your travel dates...Muahahaha.  Now the real question is...do I want to go to Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire....or screw the scenery and cross of 3 states by going to Missouri?  Such the dilemma.

Anyone else have a crazy fitness bucket list?  Or should I just not go on vacation anymore to save myself from...myself?

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  1. Where is the 28.2 mile Manhattan Island Marathon swim? Or the 3xIM in VA?

    (Even better than an international marathon, do one that goes through two countries, like Detroit)