Monday, May 21, 2012

HIM training Week #10: Calling Uncle

Well, it was supposed to rain dice.  Not that I'm complaining-with the small exception that we put down fertilizer last night....oops.   Rain gods, please grace us with showers tonight....for our lawn and for better sleeping (anyone else toss and turn last night?)
Well, like it or not, Monday is here.  And with a crazy busy day at exhausted me....but at least it flew by.  And that means, it's time for another week review!  (Please excuse the lack of cute/bad jokes...I have nothing today :-P)
Splish sarkles!
Week 10: The Stats
Swim: 4950 meters (2 swims) 

Bike: 145 miles (4 rides...biggest bike volume this season!)
Run: 22 miles (3 runs)
Strength: 1 full body, 2 abs sessions (slack master)
1 yoga session (why do I not do this more??)
Week High: My 1 mile time trail swim...I have felt slow as a turtle all season, but something about this swim clicked for me.  Seriously, my kick drill 100's were nearly as fast as my easy 11 pace on this swim...and I knocked 3 minutes off my last 1 mile time trial.  Wow.  I have a theory on this-the theory of a new sparkly makes you faster :-P  Okay, not really.  But I suspect the new suit theory holds some water (haha) because old suits tend to get looser, creating more drag.  With me?  Ehh, at least it's an excuse to buy a new splish suit every once in awhile.
Week Low:  Saturday's run.  It as pretty....but not fun.  This I need to scale the running back a bit...I am just not having fun with it.  I'm tired, achy, and not feeling good.  Yes, I know, I have two races in the next two weeks, but I think I;ll just coast through the next few training weeks running wise and let my body rest up.  Sometimes I get smart :-P
Yeah....he talks a big game, but don't be fooled.
Speaking of which...I have decided to call uncle a bit this week.  It's not a "Scheduled rest week", but I'm dialing down the mileage in an effort to not hate life on Sunday at the B-Lo Half.  Thankfully, my plan has options when it comes to a planned 50 mile ride can easily be a 30 mile ride (age grouper level), a 40 mile ride (Elite level) or the 50 (pro level).  Age grouper I am this week...and I'm okay with that!  I think the best thing I can do is swim, stretch, fuel wisely, and rest.  Easy for a type A athlete?  Nope.  But I'm gonna tri try!
Now, if you'll excuse me, I think I really will go call Uncle.  My uncle.  Hey, it's been a week since we talked...I miss the guy!
Have a wonderful Monday-I hope your week starts out well!

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