Sunday, May 6, 2012

HIM training week 8: The Great Debate

After a "week off", it's back to the grindstone.  Back to work.  Back to laundry.  Back to running errands.  And back to training!  3 weeks till Buffalo Half.  10 weeks till Musselman.  Yowtch.
And of course, I have to go and hurt my foot.  No one says I like to play it safe, right?  With the residual sea urchin calamity still a factor, this week in training was interesting.  I implemented a bit of the run injury protocol and subbed in an extra bike and water run for my tempo run, but still managed to pull off the speedwork (6 x 400) and long run (10 miles).  So how was my week?
The Stats
Swim:  5050 yards (2 swims)
Bike:  91 miles (3 rides)
Run: 15 miles (2 runs)
You suck, sea urchin. But you're cute...kinda.
Extra cardio:  3 miles rowing, 1 hour kickboxing
Strength:  2 full body, 2 abs sessions
Week low: Without a doubt, the sea urchin foot.  Lame.  I suppose it's good I'm not technically injured (my legs and body feel awesome), but I'm still a bit worried about that foot.  I've been soaking it every night and it's feeling a bit better (I was able to run on Friday and today) but at about mile 8 during today's ten miler, I got some wicked shooting pains through the arch and it made the rest of the run miserable.  Hopefully this goes away soon, or else I'll need to re-evaluate my half goals.
Week high:  Without a doubt, bike hill and speed work.  I know I'm getting much stronger on the bike, which rocks.  I also feel much better during the longer rides and am much less tired during the 2-2.5 hour rides.  Next week starts brick workouts (running off the bike)...should be interesting!
I'm feeling good about my half iron training, but less so about the half marathon.  I think my 12 miler next weekend will tell me what I need to know in order to make a good Buffalo goal.  I just need to remember that this is my "off" year-I'm enjoying the training, but not killing myself.  It's all good.
How was your weekend?  The hubster and I had a pretty low key few days-sleeping in, getting some spring cleaning done, and a nice cook out last night.  The rest of today will be filled with some DVRed movies (Oh God! is on right now), some coupon clipping, and snuggles.  Life is good.

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