Friday, May 25, 2012

Let's go (to) Buffalo!!

Hmmm...well, 36 hours out, I'm still on the fence about Buffalo.  The foot feels okay today, still kinda sore, but I've been golf balling, icing and stretching like a mo-fo, and also trying to stay off of it.  Thank you so much for your comments, emails, texts and calls today....I heart you all so much.  And the only one who gave me the what to how for...well, I told him he could.  And yes, Dads, I did call the doctor....I hope to hear back next week (they were out for the afternoon).
So....we're gonna baby this sucker and make a decision Sunday morning.  Either way, the hubster and I will be heading out to Blo tomorrow to hang out with our friend Brennan, who is also running.  We'll spend the night and catch up, and see if I can toe the line with the two of them on Sunday.  I sure hope so!
Usually, I do a post about my race goals...and I fully planned to with Buffalo.
2 weeks ago, it would have looked something like this:
C goal:  Finish
B goal:  1:55
A goal:  1:49:59

Today? It looks like this.

B goal:  Start the race
A Goal:  Finish the race
That is all.  So, I'm prepping like it's gonna my run stuff ready to rock n roll and a play list on my mp3 player....fingers and toes crossed!  In the meantime, I'm picking the most whacked out music to load onto my player to make me laugh....but I found the ultimate song for the Buffalo Half....

Sabres Dance!
Rock n sock em!  Here's to a (hopefully) successful weekend!  What's on tap for everyone?  Any fun races?  Parties?  Pools I can crash post race? :-)


  1. Good luck. I'm just hoping to finish my race this weekend - temps are supposed to be in the upper 90's and wicked humid. They've already cancelled the full marathon!

    1. wowz!! Good luck....and stay hydrated!

  2. Hopefully everything will be fine and you will toe that line!! Even if you have to run/walk. Enjoy it!!! :)