Monday, May 28, 2012

Long Weekend Fun

Hey hey!  How was your weekend?  We're still enjoying over here....
so stay tuned for race recap tomorrow!
Yes, I ran.
(I won't say was not a race for time here).
I lived.
Was it smart?  Who knows :-P  Probably not, but I'm still alive!
Check it out:
Time for a first half marathon!  (Spoiler: He rocked it)
Amped Hubster.  (Brave guy-he finished strong after an epic meltdown at mile 10!)
And clearly, I just wanted to sleep  (Maybe this was a sign?)
The signs were epic (photo courtesy of Score This!)
The crowd, ridiculous.  (Mile 1...more on that tomorrow)
But we finished (bum foot and all.  Bonus!)

13.1 (well, 13.36) miles down., it was time to get our BBQ on!

Cause it wouldn't be a family picnic without THE MUG.
Patriotic homemade carrot cake!
And cutthroat Uno (an oxymoron?  Not in this family!)

Awesome weekend :-)  And after putting our house back together and getting some chores done, the hubster and I are spending the rest of this 90 degree day on the couch watching bad 80s movies (War Games, anyone?) Happy Memorial Day, everyone!  I hope your weekend was wonderful and take a minute to remember all those that fought for our country...Thank you, brave soldiers.

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