Sunday, May 20, 2012

Run the Rails

What a gorgeous, sunny, weekend!  And full of fun in our world :-)  I'm pooped.  Anyone think we need an extra day on the weekend to recover?  Yep, me too.
Friday night the huz and I took care of bidness around the house-outdoor yard work, cleaning the house, laundry, etc.  Saturday morning, the fun began!  After a leisurely breakfast, we drove out to Dad G's house so that I could get my long run in and the hubster could spend some time with his Dad.  I rain 10...oops...I mean 12 miles (more on that later) and met back up at the house to help the hubster sort through some of the stuff in the basement his Dad is trying to get rid of.  I finally got to meet the famed Lois for dinner, and now have an official player on my side for making jokes at my FIL's expense (rubs hands together wickedly).  Just kidding, Dad.  You know I love you.  Awesome times.
Old picture, same idea!
After dinner, the hubster and I went to one of his buddies houses in Henreitta for a BBQ (yep, we ate alot this weekend) and hung out by the bonfire with half a dozen of his childhood friends (Friday night crew, I MISS YOU.  Why must (most of) you all live so far away?
After a few hours of catch up, we headed out to Nashville's, a country bar near his buddies house, to get our dance on.  Last month, The Roost, our favorite country bar, closed (we were so sad!) and it reopened under another name.  Sweet.  I got to see some of my old co-workers (it has been way to long, guys!) and the hubster and I danced the night away.  Such fun!  Can't wait to go back.
After hitting the sheets at 1:30am (we are so old), we slept in till 10 this morning and had a quiet few hours.  Then I hopped on the bike for 40 miles and did abs and yoga (skipped my T run-foot needs rest).
Sunday afternoon-meal prep and coupon cutting and a million other little errands...and here we are, another weekend over, and where did the time go :-)  Hey....I'll rest when I'm old.  And as Lois theorized yesterday....Age is a state of mind.  I fully intend to embrace that :-)
Now, let's talk about that run!
It seemed like a good idea to have the hubster drop me off on the way to his Dad's.  I had a 10 mile out and back planned on the rail old railroad bed that stretches 15.8 miles out and back from Victor to Rush.  I was to run out 4 miles and then take the loop path back, hit up West Henrietta Rd, run uphill for a mile, then take 2 miles of Road back to the hubster's childhood home.
I need a better internal GPS.  I somehow thought I had to turn around on a road beginning with the letter P....not L.  So when my garmin beeped at 5 miles, I knew I was in trouble.  IN 86 degree weather.  With...little water left.  Damn.  I tried the next track off and ended up running a mile in single track grass trail....not what I had originally planned :-P  Somehow, I found my way back to the fork and took a shortcut, relying on my inner compass....which (mostly) worked.  As luck would have it, I stumbled upon the huz's aunt's house at mile 9, and was saved by Uncle Royer with some cold water, raisins, and a big hug (brave man!)  I then took the last mile (uphill, thankyouverymuch) and walked /jogged the remaining two to my final destination.
I should have written my directions down.
Or, you know, listened to the huz's Dad when he told me where to turn (yes Dad, you were right.  And now it's on the Internets.  Happy? :-P)
I didn't hit any kind of time goal (10.05 miles in 1:31, or 9:05 pace), plus 2 extra miles in 24 minutes walk/jog....but that wasn't the point.  The point easy, long run.
And it was a gorgeous run!  Creeks, old railroad cars, a "pee yew hill" (don't ask) and lots of beautiful scenery.  Definitely a must do for a long run in the future!
But earlier in the day.
With directions.
And more water.
At least I put on sunscreen, right? :-D

How was your weekend?  Any exciting news?

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