Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Him Training Week 11 ( enty billion): That's not even a number! (yet)

 The beauty of a 4 day work week? Wednesday comes sooner :-)  I dunno why that's exciting, with the possible exception of the weekend approaching faster....let's go with that one, yeah!
It was a turning point in the good ole training week...and unfortunately, not a good one.  Before we get into brass tacks, should you be confused by my oh so crafty title, go check this SNL skit won't be disappointed,  Trust me.  If you are, you probably think this blog's sorta lame anyways, so no biggie :-P
Back to training.  What an idiot week.  As you're aware, I hung out this week and hoped like hell my foot would magically get better.
It did (so I could run).  Yay!
And then, it didn't.  Let's look at the stats, k?

Week 11: The Stats
Swim:  8100 meters (3 swims)  Great recovery workouts!
Bike:  125 miles (3  rides)  No bricks yet, obvi. 
Run: 15.4 miles (2 runs)
Strength: 2 abs sessions...slack alert again!
  2yoga sessions (Trying to stretch it out pre and post race)
Week High: Actually being able to run  the Buffalo Half.  I was pretty concerned that wasn't going to happen, and even thought I didn't come close to PRing, I was extremely happy to be able to run.  Was it the perfect race?  no freakin way.  But I was luky to be able to do it.  I forgot to mention this in my race report about mile 5, I ran by a woman and man taking turns pushing a stroller with their son.  They were running the full.  Their son was in his twenties and physically disabled.  I ran alongside them for a bit and chatted...they were super friendly and their son was just so darn happy to be out really out things in perspective.  Sure, I might have a lame foot, but let's talk about remembering why we are so lucky to even b able to walk.  Food for thought. 
Week Low: Well, it wasn't the week I expected, of course.  But I can't complain, seeing as I might not have even been able to run.  I just hope I can get better in the next few weeks!

Dr. Peggy's Motivational Thoughts. So true.
Let's talk about that, shall we?  My foot has been...a mess lately.  I think whatever has been going on with it was masked by "sea urchin foot" (this is NOT sea urchin foot).  I thought that for a few weeks.  Then I thought I might have overcompensated for that by supinating.  Now I don;t think that's it, either.  So, fine.  I finally talked to my doc and have an appointment with a podiatrist on Monday.  (No "I told you so's"....remember, you love me :-P).  So, we'll see what happens.  I'm off the foot this week, icing, resting, elevating, and playing it smart.  Today is the first day I can actually walk, so hopefully that means good things!  I am supposed to run a trail race this weekend....I give that 5% of happening (miracles can happen).  But leaning....NOT.  Musselman is 7 weeks away and that is so much more important than this race guy this weekend.  Yes?  Yes. goals for these upcoming weeks....
Be kind to my foot.
Listen to my body.
Work on my bike and swim.
Know that I CAN run and should not stress if I can't for a few weeks.
And never forget how lucky I am to be able to do anything like this!

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  1. I'm not sure where the pain is but could it be plantar fascia tis? does it start in the heel, does it keep you up at night and hurt the worst in the morning?