Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mister Tibbs

Well, hello and welcome to Wednesday! How's your day going?  Not feeling up to it?  No worries.  I checked the calendar.  Today doesn't even exist. 
Not seeing it?  Check a bit closer.
 Haha!  I might be super simplistic,but this amused the hell out of me.  And, consequently, I've let you off the hook as well.  I mean, if the 16th doesn't exist, there's not much we can do to eff it up, right? Right.  Well, regardless, the day went pretty well.  I had a long ride on tap today (40 miles) which is rough to do mid week, so I usually break it up into two 20 mile segments-one before work and one after.  Both went pretty uneventfully-I did a nice flat section in the AM, then rode hills in the afternoon (which was tough after work, but hey, until I get my pro card (cough cough LOL) an age groupers gotta do what an age groupers gotta do.
In other news, the hubster and I hit a milestone today.  You all know we bought an we sold our old car, Mr, Tibbs....circa 2001.  Such a little go kart-check him out!
Not only was this the hubster's first new car (as a little 23 year old...awww) but the tibs, Greg and I have some pretty important history.  We went on our first date in this car (discussing "He's just not that into you" - the book.  Not kidding.  I am such a winner!)  We had our first kiss after the Roost hanging out next to this car.  (The hubster maintains he was going for the cheek-I think he lies....but that's okay!)  We drove away from our wedding reception in this car.  Went to Placid for the first time in this car.  Went to countless tri's, du's, and other races (poor buyer-I hope they can get rid of the sneaker smell :-P).  And we drove to our new home together for the first time in this car.  Such good memories.
So we went for one final trip, down memory lane and around the block.  Mister Tibbs, you will be missed.  But fondly remembered.  Now, onto the next adventure!
Do you remember your first (not hand me down) car?  I drove two hand me downs-an 89 Ford Taurus and a 95 grand am.  Both awesome cars-and then I bought my 06 cobalt (alias, Tobey!)  Such funny sentiment toward vehicles, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who has memories of past cars.
Enjoy your day!


  1. wait.. why has Greg read "He's Just Not That Into You"?????

  2. lol...I read it. And then proceeded to disect the book for him on our first date. Seriously, HOW did we get married????

  3. I've read it too and I definitely think it's right!