Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Call me crazy

I am such a crazy woman.  (Go ahead and nod, I know you agree).  I'm not sure whats in the water, but lately, I've been making some even crazier decisions.  Some might call them stupid.  Or adventurous.  I'll go with crazy.  Chalk it up to "hey, it seemed like a good idea at the time".....but it wasn't.  I need some blog absolution.  Or some "WTF woman".  Or "I told you not to do that!"
Take your pick. 
But preferably not the latter, and we'll still be friends.  Kay?  Kay :-).
It seemed like a good idea at the time.....
* To break in my new asics on a 12 mile run...while still battling minor foot problems.  It wasn't.  I couldn't walk Monday.
* To do speed work on the treadmill in my new trail shoes that I need to break in in the next two weeks.  Two new pairs of shoes?  In 3 days?  Rae, you're a turd.
* To sign up for a 12 mile trail race on June 2nd as my first trail run.  No, I didn't mean to say trail race.  It will be my first trail race.  Also, my first trail run.  What kind of moron am I?
I'm a crazy girl...so I get crazy flowers
(Mother's Day for a "fur mommy" flowers)
Hey, I didn't ask for em but I won't refuse flowers!
* To contact everyone in the world post vacation and say "Hey, let's get together!".  Fail.  I love people.  And being social.  But now I have 4 different commitments on Saturday. And I've booked all my weekends through June 16th. pffft.  Someone's gonna need their 5 hour energy! (Note-I love everyone I'm hanging out with, and no, we won't cancel.  Just feed me caffeine, please).
* To leave myself voice mails in the locker room at the gym to remind myself of what I needed to do that afternoon.  Hey, it came to me in the heat of super 600's and I didn't want to forget! Anyone else do that, or am I totally nuts?  (The two are not mutually exclusive, promise)
* To eat the leftover barbecue at 11pm.  I was feeling snacky and didn't eat enough on the day of my two hour run....so I figured the protein might help.  News flash...it wasn't the most brilliant move on my part.  Poor hubster.  I have been banned from pulled chicken for a week :-P

Well, crazy is as crazy does, I guess.  Some people would call this guy crazy....
Me?  I'm ready to go out and kick some Musselman butt.  Sometimes, that's all it takes.  Call me crazy :-)

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  1. The shoe thing is crazy. The rest sounds like...life.