Sunday, December 9, 2012

Not a quitter

Well, the tickets are bought, trip booked, and it's official.  We're going to Daytona Beach in January!  We'll be gone for 5 days, soaking in the rays, playing in a little football championship (Greg), and running a little race (me).
Yup, Santa brought me an early Christmas gift this year-I had my sights set on a winter race- and was between Ocala and Myrtle Beach.  I settled in Ocala for a few reasons...
1.  The football game is in Daytona Beach, Fl. on January 19th.  The race is in Ocala....40 miles away.  The next day.
2.  It's a small race-500 people for the half, 200 for the full, and 200 for the 5k.
3.  It was cheap!
4.  Weather in Ocala in January - upper 60s to 70.  Perfect.

So we booked a trip package through travelocity....flight, rental car, and 5 nights in a hotel on the ocean, for under $900.  Sweet.  Plus I got back $20 for going though Ebates!  Can't be beat for a mid winter get away.

I just have one confession to make.  I didn't sign up for the full :-(  I was ready, raring to go a few weeks ago-ready to tackle those 15-20 milers.  Then life happened.  Work got crazy, the holidays are upon us, and my last double digit run was 3 weeks ago.  Can I pull a marathon out of you know where?  Probably.  But realistically, I really would rather enjoy the holiday season and not worry about 3 hour runs on my agenda on weekends with parties....cookie making...and the holidays!  Rather, a nice 10-13 miler works well for me.  You can sneak in a 90 minute run before holiday merriment without being a mess all day, and I won't lie...20-22 milers sideline me.
Meh.  Best laid plans.
I'm not impressed with backing down, but I have enough respect for 26.2 not to half ass it.  So on January, 20 2012....I'll still be running through horse country in Ocala.  But it will be 13.1 instead of 26.2.   Maybe later on next year I will attempt 26.2-but to be honest, my body is still feeling like a little bit of extra rest rather than "ultra" mode right now.  And I'm going to respect that.

So there ya go.  5 weeks till race day.  And once again, a nice casual training plan.  2-3 runs a week, and I got this.  I adore 26.2, bu 13.1 is so much easier to fit into a sane life!

BCP updates
Burpees:  400
Crunches:  575
Pushups:  550

Chippin' away....23 days left!

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