Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Moving Up in the World (sorta)

Well, its the start of another week (yep, a bit late on that).  4 days left till the weekend, 7 days of work till I'm off for Christmas (not that I'm counting).  It's going to be another firecracker, with a bunch of stuff to tie up before the end of the year, a new person to train, new project start up stuff, and...oh yeah....unpacking boxes!  I told you about it a bit last week, but our department moved offices on Friday, which has been oh so much fun in the transition of jobs, programs, new staff, and the holidays.  Hey, evolve or quit, right?
 While it was a bit sad to move out of my old office (hey, after 6 years, you get used to living somewhere 9-5!)....it's exciting to have a new place to call home.  Shot of my old office:
It's a bad picture-you can see my office in the background, but it's mostly my lame -o 2011 Halloween costume (I was a smarty pants...get it??).  Anyhow, that was my 40 hour a week home from February 2007 until....Friday.  And with the move we got some good....better climate control, access to finance, my boss's boss, IT, and HR....a huge window for me!.....
But there was also some sad.  our old office were cosier.  More laid back.  We lost half of the people that we sat next to (they moved to the 1st floor and we moved to the 3rd floor).  And it sucks, because those were the guys I hung out with!  Oh well, I suppose I can work a little more at work.  I had the best office before...it was on the corner, everyone passed by, and everyone stopped to say hello.
My new office?  It's prettier.  I have a nice meeting table.  My window is just screaming for a window cushion so I can curl up and read...ahem, REPORTS....and I don't even need a light, the window lets in so much natural light.  Which is awesome.  Check it out!

But it's kinda lonely.  And further from the gym.  And parking.  And the elevator sucks.
But hey, it's work.  If it was play, they wouldn't pay me to do it, right?
You got it.  Just will take some getting used to, and if you can't roll with the punches...well.....you're kinda screwed in this world, right?
Tell me about your office-do you have your own?  (I realize how fortunate I am to have my own-I share with my boss, but he's only here 2 days a month!)  Have you gotten comfortable where you "live" your 40 hours a week?  Could you handle a change?


  1. haha yeah I agree.. be happy you have an office.. I have a desk (not even a CUBE) that is in a small office with 4 other desks with people at them. so 5 people, 5 desks, in one office. yikes. and our boss' office is right there so there are people traipsing in and out all the time.. IMPOSSIBLE to get anything done in there!

    1. Oh I know!!! Oddly enough I was thinking about you running around a lab when I wrote that part....I feel for you!!!