Monday, December 3, 2012

My Best Deal Yet

Subtitled - 'The Crazy thoughts of a super coupon geek". Yep, it's Monday again.  Formerly known as the beginning of another work week, now reborn as grocery shopping deal day!
Well.  That's not entirely true.  Monday was always my day to grocery shop.  But after 3 years of deal shopping with only 3 tiiinnnny cupboards to store all the sweet (food) deals I rocked, I've been severely crippled.  No more.  My wonderful husband head my (whiney, nagging) complaints, and decided to shop online this year not only for Christmas deals, but for some basement shelving units!  Sweet!  (I really didn't bug him that much.  Pinky swear).
Well, as always, he came through, and last week, 3 shiny new shelves were delivered to casa Glaser.  We put one together over the weekend, and I think I'm in heaven!  Check it out!

Hmmmm...well, aside from the drunk picture, you get the idea!
(Note that the stockpiling is commencing as of this bet that was less than $10 for all that food!) Sweet!  My rules:
1.  Only canned and jarred food can be basemented-soups, tomatoes, gravy, salad dressing, pasta sauce, veggies, fruit, etc.  Anything else ends up smelling like the basement.  Eww.
2.  I will limit my stockpile budget to $10 per week.  I bet in a few months I'll be ready for....well...the end of the world is in a few weeks, so this might be a bust.  But I'll give it the old college try!

Armed with excitement over my new space, I headed out to the grocery store.  After two transactions and $111 worth of product, I walked out only $41 lighter.  Sweet.  My best deal today?
 That would be for 2 bags of coffee, 2 pancake mixes, a box of cereal, bananas, pudding, and a bag of frozen fruit.
Transaction #1:  $94 down to $38, 10 coupons used, earned $.10 gas points.
Transaction #2:  $17.39 down to $3.26, 7 coupons used, earned $.10 gas points

7 grainberry products bought (2 boxes of cereal, 2 boxes of crackers, 2 pancake mixes and a box of oatmeal- all for $4.00  They also have a Mail in rebate WYB 3 products, you get one free, so Ill be sending away for 2 more free products - cost $.88 in stamps.

How can you go wrong?  Especially this month-with the gift buying and baking supplies I'll need in a few weeks, every penny counts!

Do you have any super couponing tips?  I'm getting pretty good at the grocery trips-still trying to work my magic in the drugstores!

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