Saturday, December 1, 2012

Checkin' It Twice!

Yay!  It's finally December!  As you know, I am a huge fan of December-from Holiday music to snow (only in this month :-P), cookie making, present wrapping (and unwrapping!) and time with family.  I feel like such a kid every year, and I expect this year to be no different.
Today, the hubs and I decorated the tree, did some present wrapping, and a bit of shopping.  Tomorrow-outside lights.  And, of course, how could I was high time to send out my wish list to the bug guy :-P  What's on my "I've been good, PUH-lease?!?" list this year?  Check it out!

Christmas List 2012:

1.  Entry fee to Ocala Marathon - Yes, I know that some people would consider this a lame gift, but for us crazy runner types, it's not.  I know I want to race next month, so why not ask Santa for a wonderful (torturous?) experience?  Plus, ya get the shirt, too.  So that counts :-P
2.  Clothes:  Work pants, sweaters, under sweater shirts - I ask for these every year.  You always need a few clothes, even if your inner kid thinks it's boring.  Oh yeah, you bet I'll be glad to see some underwear, too....but only from the man I married :-P
3.  Boots - Also an every year-er.  Not a big fan of expensive boots, because I tend to beat them up, so "Santa" usually buys me the $25 black boots at Kohl's.  Hey, they last all year!!
4.  Running shoes (Asics 2170 or Brooks Ghost) - Another staple.  Goes on my list every year!  And considering the love affair that I am currently having with my Asics, if Santa can find a super sale, who am I to stop him??

5.  footie PJs - No judging.  Who wouldn't love a set of fleece footie PJs?  Who cares if they're made for toddlers?  The wise Footie pajama gods have decided t make these in adult sizes, and I want in.  Plus, Target sells them for $20.  HELLO!!
6.  pull up bar - Yeah, blame p90x.  I'm sick of having weak upper body strength.  Time to man...err....woman up!
7.  go mug - travel mug, whatever.  I'm on the road alot, and after a year or so, even the best mug has a crap coffee smell.  Need to replace it every few years, and it's time!
8.  gym bag - same deal.  When you go to the gym 5 days a week, your bag gets  Nothing fancy, a nice $20 Nike bag is all I need.

9.  Chi Flat Iron - Yes, this is completely frivolous.  But sometimes you gotta be a girl, dammit.  And my poor pony tailed thick hair wouldn't mind being fried styled once in awhile.  The fact that the good ones cost $80 blows my mind....worth it?  Or should I just get another pair of sneakers since Greg's stuck with me?  Discuss.

A bit ambitious, but I believe in giving Santa choices.  I never "expect" my list to be fulfilled, but unless you throw out some ideas....well....ugly sweater parties exits for a reason :-P  (crap, I asked for sweaters!!)

What's on your list this year?

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