Monday, December 17, 2012

Highs and Lows

Another weekend gone, another work week to start tomorrow (yeah, I'm a lucky girl...I had some time left in my vacation bank, so I took off the last few Monday's of the year!)  3 days more work for 2012.  Yay!  With that was one roller coaster of a weekend.  I've managed to get myself sick (which I am HOPING will pass within the next few days!) so what was on deck to be a 
 weekend of fun.  Don't get me was still fun!  Just modified fun, along with a total couch day!  I had my camera for the Friday night cookie making....
 The chefs.
 Gettin crazy with the cheez whiz cookie cutters
Finished products!

I claim lame blogger status as for photos of the rest of the weekend-Saturday night we had a fabulous dinner at the country club courtesy of Greg's company, and Sunday was dinner with Dad G. and Lois.  Awesome time both days, and a nice bit of family catch up!
Sunday night we finished up our Christmas shopping (bless the stores on a Sunday night!) and today.....well, this has been the highlight of my day:
 Pretty sad, huh?  I'm a weirdo when I get sick...I can't tolerate oats, but eggs are good?  Weird.  It's been a day of jammies, Price is Right, Soaps, and herbal tea.  I'm a wild one.

How was your weekend?  Ready for the big week ahead?  (Do I mean Christmas?  Armageddon? Who knows :-P)  Have a wonderful night!

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