Friday, August 2, 2013

Worth It.

4 weeks in.
About 300 diapers changed.
...about the same amount of feedings (I am super caught up on trash TV and well read...if you want to email me, I will certainly respond ASAP!)
2 pounds gained -Baby (go buddy!)
5 pounds to go to PP weight (Mommy) Yay!
About....14 hours sleep. Total.
 Nah, just kidding.  Probably closer to about 3 or 4 hours a night
 (I believe I have wasted 4 hours a day for years....who needs a full 8??)
A picture a day....sometimes 10.  Or 12. (Hey-at least they're digital!)
Tummy time.
Skin to skin time.
Puppet shows.
Rattle Play.
Arm Wrestling (he beats Daddy.  Every time).
I'm tired.
And my body hurts.
And I have no clue how to sleep in my bed anymore.

I'm 100% in love.
And I have no desire to know what it's like to sleep until 10am.
Or not know when the sun rises.
Or an angry cry versus an "I'm hungry" cry.
Or to smell anything more exotic than baby shampoo

I love you little man!!


  1. Beautiful Rae! I miss your laugh at work and your joyous face!

  2. You sound so happy and like motherhood fits you well. How has it already been four weeks?!