Monday, August 26, 2013

Half Serious, or Maybe Not

Hey hey!  Thanks for all your support from my crazy post partum triathlon antics.  I'm so glad no one pulled mommy judgement on guys are awesome :-)  Like I've said before, the running/biking/swimming all serve to give me the much needed Mommy sanity time I get.  So while I'm not overdoing it ( usually about an hour 5 times a week or so), it's been my saving grace in newborn world.  So what's next?  Aww c'mon, you know I need a goal. 
No Ironmans.  I promise.  At least for 2013 :-P  Nah, I decided to get back to something I haven't done in awhile-straight running.  I signed up for the Rochester Half Marathon, which is September 22.  I've been following a 10 week training plan, which calls for 3 runs a week - the FIRST plan.  I used it back in 2011 when I trained for National Marathon in DC (took 32 minutes off my marathon time). It's based off of of 3 specific workouts a week- a long run, a tempo run, and an interval run.  The intervals range from 400 to 1600, the tempo runs 4-8 miles, and the long runs from 6-12 miles.  All runs are done at a specific pace that are supposed to lead you to the desired goal time for your race. (You can find out more at
Turtle Power!
Now, I'll be real here.  We're not after a PR.  This is gonna be a slow turtle race.  I'm just out to have fun.  I've been doing my long runs at a comfortable place, and doing tempo and speedwork at a pace that seems challenging.  I know I won't pull any miraculous speedy Usain Bolt times, but I am so looking forward to heading out on a fall day and having fun!
So how's my training going?  So far, so good.  With some creativity!  Last week was 3x1600, 4 mile tempo run, and a 10 mile long run.  I did my repeats on the treadmill, getting off every 5 minutes to calm my screaming kiddo.  So we did 6 x 5 minute repeats instead of mile repeats.  Next week instead of 800's, Ill do mile repeats.  My cousin watched kiddo one afternoon so I could do my 4 mile run outside.  And I did my long run yesterday-but it was a rough day for the fam (no kiddo naps), so in order to preserve Greg's sanity, who offered to take afternoon shift - I did the run on the treadmill.  How do you stay sane for that run?  A good movie, and playing with the speed and incline settings...I decided not to stay at the same speed or incline for any more than a quarter of a mile.  And it worked!
I'll keep you posted as the weeks go on, but I honestly think this mommy needed a "Rae goal" that had nothing to do with kiddo.  And even though I don't have the luxury to train devil may care for a long distance race, I can rip off 15-20 mile weeks and still realistically finish 13.1. Score.
Do you have any fall races or other fall goals lined up?  I'm working on strategy and flexibility...we'll see how it goes :-)


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