Thursday, August 8, 2013

Body After Baby: Month One

Well, since you have the skinny on my little man, we can now talk about month later!
First, a quick update:  Little R went to the the docs today for his one month check up...he tipped the scales at 8 pounds 5 oz, for a 2 pound, 2 ounce weight gain in 3 weeks.  Go Rob!  He went from the 9% to the 22% in weight, the 17% to the 24% in length (19 to 21.5 inches) and 11% to 24% in head circumference.  Obviously, little man is growing like a weed!  Go Rob, go!
Now, on to Mom.  I think it makes most sense to break this one out into three parts - physical, mental, and emotional.  So, how AM I?  (Which is what everyone asks.  Only do it if you want details, people.  Fine does not cut it...I'm a complex woman...we know this :-P)

Physically:  In terms of body feel, I'm feeling pretty darn good.  I'm 3 pounds above my pre-baby

weight and 10 pounds above race weight.  All of my bottoms fit, and most of the tops (hello milk machines!).  My um....birth bits are pretty much healed, although I'm not signing up for any century rides soon!  My waist is about 3 inches off from pre baby (it grew 17 inches total). 
In terms of diet, I'm eating like a horse (much like my son!)  I'm having my treats, but trying to stick with lots of produce, dairy and lean protein.  Every aversion I had pre pregnancy is gone (thank goodness!  I wonder what causes that?  Am I destined to have a banana hater??).  My meals are small and scattered, and since I am up round the clock...I eat like my son..about 10 times a day...but unlike him, small amounts.  There is no dieting or calorie counting going on...breastfeeding is taking care of that.  I'm sure I'll have to work at the last 5-10 pounds, but that's not my focus until I've weaned Rob (ideally at least 9 months).
Exercise is happening, just at a much lower intensity.  I've started lifting again, and doing core work.  We walk every day, and I've started swimming again, which feels wonderful.  I have to be very creative about fitting it in, but it does wonders for my emotional well-being...i.e. transitioning from "mommy" to Rae. 

Mentally:  This is the hard one...why I won't just say that I'm doing great when someone asks me!  Rob is an awesome baby, and I love him dearly.  I've gotten the hang of his schedule, changing diapers, giving baths, taking him out, and trying to get in a shower and doing the dishes.  But it's hard. (duh)  I knew that going in, but this baby seems to be the insomniac times a million.  He only sleeps about 10 hours a day on a good day, and 99% of that sleep is done either in someones arms, or my chest.   Not ideal, and it's not getting better.  Our pediatrician still says that sleep training shouldn't happen for a few months, but we are working on trying to get him in his swing, or our co-sleeper at least.  It's a slow go, but we keep trying. I've talked to mommy friends about soothing techniques and read plenty of books, but its an uphill battle right now, and I'm so tired I'm not really sure what end is up anymore.  But I keep reminding myself that there are some really awesome parts of having a newborn and to enjoy those!
Another draining aspect is Rob's feeding schedule.  Kid is a damn horse.  He nurses pretty much every two hours, sometimes 3 hours.  When he goes 3 hours without food, he will actively nurse for 45 minutes.  Yikes.  Just for fun, I tallied up the time I spend bf'ing every day, and it's anywhere from 6-7 hours.  Yikes. I love bonding with my son, but I am a freaking milk machine.  Obviously something is working though, as he is gaining really well! 
Emotionally:  This one goes hand in hand with the two above.  Greg and I are surviving.  That's a kind way to put it.  I feel awesome as a mommy, but would also cry of happiness and kiss the ground Rob (crawls) on  if I got 4 hours of sleep one night in my own bed.  Greg has been awesome with kiddo, and gives me some mommy alone time each night, which does worlds for me...I will either go for a walk, go to the store, or take a bath.  Heaven.  I never really realized how important those little things are!  In turn, I try to take care of the house during my day breaks and I always take the night shift for feeding and comforting, as Greg is back at work.  And we always try to have a sense of humor about life...which works about 98% of the time :-)
I think our biggest issue is that we don't have much help close by with kiddo, but I know it will get easier as he gets older.  I also know of a few babysitting volunteers that I might take up on their offers for a night out for mom and dad soon! 

In other words, one day at a time.  I go back to my doc next week for my 6 week check up, and will figure out what to do about a return to work date, which depends on quite a few factors.  Thankfully, my boss is supportive and flexible, which I wouldn't trade for a million dollars!

On another note, today is Greg's and my 4th anniversary....we're prepping a very low key celebration tonight.  The "traditional gift" for this year is fruit and flowers.....stay tuned for that interpretation!! 

What did you do for year 4?


  1. First, I'm pretty sure you look smaller/better than I do right now, and I *didn't* just have a baby.

    I can't even imagine how trying it is to have such a hungry little one. I know it is worth it, and you love him to pieces - that is still SO much time. You're one amazing, dedicated mama.

    1. Awww thank you!! Its kinda like fueling for ironman....but this buzzer goes off every two hours and.....I feed him :-P

      Kick button next weekend...ill be following you!#!