Monday, August 12, 2013

Bumper Crop

Well, and a happy Monday to you!  I hope your weekend was good.  We had a pretty packed weekend - lots of errands and catch up on Saturday, and Rob went to his first triathlon yesterday!  Greg raced at Sodus Point, and since that was our first race 9 years ago (has it really been that long??) It was fitting for Rob to come cheer on Daddy. Go, Team Trigger!
When we got home from the race, it was admittedly after noon, but something about the day called for a nice brunch.  Ya know, since breakfast was 8 hours ago and eaten in the dead of night (oh wait, that's normal, now!).  But instead of a sweet, I went for a sweet/savory cross.  And with the amount of zucchini I've procured form the market lately, we had to incorporate it into...pancakes?
Hold onto your hat.  I promise, they taste good!

Zucchini pancakes (serves 2)

1 cup Bisquick
3 egg whites
3/4 cup skim milk
dash salt
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp cinnamon
2 cups shredded Zucchini

Super simple (hey, c'mon, do you really see me making gourmet at this stage?)  Combine all ingredients and stir to blend thoroughly.  Let set for 10 minutes (makes em fluffly!)  Pour 1/4 cup batter onto a sprayed skilled, flip when bubbles appear.  Makes about 10 pancakes, serves 2 for a nice light dinner alongside turkey bacon.  They don't really need a topper, but a pat of butter or even a sprinkle of sugar (if you like sweet) does nicely.

And totally baby friendly prep.  lol.  Lovin the Bjorn!
Do you have a favorite pancake recipe?  Or is god ole fashioned good enough for you?

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  1. Going to veganize this and take to a potluck brunch tomorrow! thanks for the recipe!!