Monday, August 5, 2013

Month One: Rob's edition

Hey hey!  This topic deserves a two parter.  Of course, BABY goes first, cause that's just how parenthood is and should be, am I right?
Oh right.  Happy Monday and all that.  Hope your week ahead is filled with rainbows and sunshine (which the latter SHOULD be in NY-it's supposed to be gorgeous!)
Now, onto my kiddo.  Cause all mommy's like to brag about how super special their kid is, right?  Well, whatever.  My special snowflake is the smartest, cutest kiddo ever.  For real.  (all nod while we humor Rae, please).
But the important thing peanut is ONE MONTH old today!  And we need to celebrate this milestone, right?  With cake and ice cream?  Fine, twist my arm.  He'll get it through my milk, so I consider it a public service.  And now that I'm done being a silly goose (yes, I spend my day talking to a baby, forgive me) let's look at Ro-bear's first month!  (and since I have mommy sleep deprived brain, I am not ashamed to admit I stole this format.  Thanks Allee!)

Rob's First Month

Humorous kid I got here...
Has it really been one month, little buddy?  I can't believe that at this time last month, Mommy was trying to decide whether or not to call the doc...then hearing that it was go time...and 5 hours later, there you were!  It feels like you are still such a new little guy, but at the same time I just can't remember life without you.  And I don't want to. I love you to bits!  Let's see what you've been up to in your first month on earth....

You love, love, love your hands.  You wave them around, stretch out with them, such on them, and gesture rudely at us with them (yeah, I have the baby that flips us the bird).
Your zebra puppet.  You love Marty.  When we play puppets, you track him the best, although you like your hippo, too.
Mommy.  You are a total momma's boy, and love to snuggle up with me and take a nap, watch TV, walk around in your bjorn, or just take in the sites and listen to my silly talk.  I kinda like you too, little dude :-).
Arm wrestling with Daddy.  You beat him every time.  I think he's in big trouble....
Dancing!  You love when we throw a dance party.  Mommy still isn't sure about some of the
questionable lyrics to the songs we sing, though....
Clothes.  You prefer au natural, if you will.  We aren't listening, little man.  You need clothes!
Bath time.  We were sorta hoping that a real bath would help, but nope.  You don't like getting clean.  This could be a problem!
Best place to sleep...on mom!
Your crib.  And pretty much anywhere but Mommy's chest at night.  You love snuggles, and hate to sleep alone.  This is a work in progress, my man.  I love snuggle time, but sometimes....I have to eat.  Or get stuff done around the house.  Or, you know, shower and sleep.  Little things :-P
See above.  We are working on it...we have good days and bad days, but as far as nights go, you are a snuggle man and will not sleep alone.  We've tried escape every time.  You flip over already-what the heck, dude??  The crib is a big no no.  Pack and play is okay during the day sometimes, and the swing, the same.  But you don't sleep anywhere NEAR what an infant is supposed want to be a part of the action!  (I fear for your toddler years, for real). 
Little man.  You have not met a right or left boob you don't adore.  Anytime.  As long as they are Mommy's of course!  You dream of boob.  And you eat like a real man!  We feed pretty much every two hours.  Mommy has gotten good at eating, reading, doing work, and watching crap TV during your feedings, which is good, because you easily nosh about 8 hours a day.  I can't wait to see how much weight you've gained in the last 3're getting all kinds of baby chub, which we love!!
Aside from the obvious (eating, sleeping, pooping) cause EVERYTHING is a first this month....let's talk about some of your favorites!)
Picnic- July 14.  We went to Grandpa's birthday picnic and you had a blast.  You stole the hearts of the family and everyone passed you around like a snuggled up to everyone and basked in the attention!
All the ladies love Rob!
First Smile- July 22.  This would be the first non gas smile!  We were playing with our rattles and you smiled at Mister Penguin several times....with no diaper sound effects, so we are going with it!
Neighborhood Stroller Stroll - July 19.  You LOVE exploring the neighborhood in your stroller.  We walk along and I tell you about everything in the neighborhood, and we plot our playtime in the future.  All the neighbors think you are the cutest little man, and of course you perform for your adoring fans like the little ham you are!
Non Sponge Bath - August 3.  Sadly, you still hate the bath.  Maybe the shark towel is too scary.  But we'll keep working on it!
Photo Shoot- July 29.  You did a great job on your newborn shoot, guy!  We just got in the pictures and you are such a little photogenic baby.  We can't wait to share the pictures of our handsome dude!
Laugh - August 2.  You smiled and giggled at Mommy, who was playing kickboxing with you.  You love it when we play around on Mommy's lap, my little Billy Blanks!
Best Moment of the Month:
I know this is a sappy mommy thing, but nothing can beat the first ten minutes of your life buddy. 
They told me I had a beautiful son (you!) and then they put you in my arms and I fell forever in love with you, little dude.  You are so perfect and I can't believe I am lucky enough to be your mommy!

Looking Forward to:
More playtime with my little man!  You are starting to get into some play, and you are a champ at tummy time, but we can't wait to introduce toy interaction and better dance parties.  Hey, you're still a new guy.  We have plenty of time!
Solo sleeping.  We know you can do it, little one :-)  This one is a double edged sword though.   While I will appreciate sleeping on my side and without you cutting off my breathing, I'm sure gonna miss my snuggly passed out man on my chest!

Woah, what a first month, kiddo!  Can't wait to see what comes in month 2! 
And up next....Mommy's one month post baby review/update :-)

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