Thursday, May 16, 2013

Week 30: The last "decade"?

 And here we are.  The final quarter.  Crunch time.  Holy heck, it's getting real!!

Your pregnancy: Week 30

During this 30th week of pregnancy, your baby continues to steadily add weight and important, insulating layers of fat to his body.
  • At Week 30, your baby weighs about 3 pounds and is about 15-1/2 inches long , or about the length of a bunch of celery.
  • From this week until week 37 of pregnancy, your baby gains an impressive half a pound a week.
  • Your baby might be practicing breathing movements as he rhythmically moves his diaphragm. You might even notice a slight twitching in your abdomen when this happens.
  • Your baby's brain continues to expand and develop, creating additional grooves and folds in the brain's surface. These wrinkles give your baby's brain tissue the needed room to expand as he develops and learns throughout his lifetime.
  • Your baby's brain can now regulate his temperature, so he begins to lose the lanugo, which is the fine hair that has been covering his body for warmth.
 I have no doubts whatsoever this kiddo is a growin' girl/boy.  I feel like my stomach literally can't hold any more.  Do tummy's ever burst? No really, I want to know (yes, okay, I am kidding!!)

Momma: Week 30
Me and baby post kickboxing!
Body: Up 16.5 pounds....wait another 1.5 inches bigger.  Somebody's doing some serious growing in there!!  I'm having some issues with breathing lately...seems the lil one likes to lodge themselves under mommy's ribcage and take a nap.  Ya know how you feel after running a marathon in 90 degree weather and the final sprint to the finish?  Yeah, it's like that.  24/7.  Thanks, lil turd :-P

Cravings: Back on the quesadillas.  I bought some nummy 2% cheddar and a 30 pack of corn tortillas....that should last a week.  Maybe. 

Aversions: None per say, but still avoiding things that I've learned to avoid.  Baby, like momma, has some serious opinions about chow.

Sleep: A few family issues and th inability to get comfy = many nights with my kindle, on the couch, trying for comfort.  Thankfully, I have "What to Expect the First Year"...err.....5% done.  (What, that thing is about 700 pages long!!)

Fears:Pediatricians, hospital tours, and birth plans...oh my!  We've scheduled the first two visits, and it's time to think about my birth plan.  Ya know, other than extracting the watermelon from my body with as least amount of pain and time as possible.  Can't I just write that and they'll get what I mean?

Best Baby Moment: Waking up on mother's day to see my husband leaning over my tummy, putting his ear to it, and smiling..."Little G wants to say Happy Mother's Day, Mommy!"  Awww.  So sweet.

Items Bought/Received: A sweet convertible high chair from Dad G and Lois, and so many cool burp cloths, receiving blankets, and baby outfits from mom. A nursing nightgown (delivery room attire).  A few nursing bras.  OH!  And for mommy's day, Dad to be and lil bit got me a free entry to the 2014 marathon of my choice-plus 10 'get out of middle of the night wake up' coupons.  SWEET!

IRON BABY: Week 29!

Swimming: 5 miles
Biking: 82 miles
Running: 8 miles
Total: 95 miles

Iron Baby’s Travels to date (week 19 on)….1064.8 miles- That's the distance between Rochester NY and Ocala, FL, where Baby G did their first race!  (Well, the first race mommy knew there was a baby g!)  Go, baby go!

Up this week:  A double race week and a trip to Washington, DC....busy baby week!

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