Monday, May 27, 2013

Take a Hike

Whew, what a weekend!  Greg and I really cleaned house...figuratively and literally!  Friday we came home to a love n care package from California from my cousins and Aunt....a mini baby shower in a box!  Yay!
 Saturday was 4 hours of yard work, housework, shampooing rugs, and finally....dying.  With ice cream :-P
Sunday, we shook it up a bit and went out for a hike at the Ganadogan Historical Landmark...funny whats 30 minutes form your house that you don't even know!! 

 Wait, which way is the trail?
 Making a wish....
 We topped it off with lunch out and some shopping.

Today....was deck staining (done with a roller and face mask), baby room wall art and ceiling touch up (done by the hubs) and putting together our find of the year...our crib bedding set PLUS mobile we registered for....that costs $250 in the store....found on craigslist in perfect condition for 10 FREAKING DOLLARS.  This literally made my month!
 Our baby set!
Baby G's room...almost fully done! 
Greg did wall art, and the crib bedding and Mobile are just perfect :-)

Whew, what a weekend!  I can proudly say that if Baby G was born tomorrow, we have everything we need.  The rest is installing, curtain hanging, and garage sale clothes shopping.  But stay n bake, kiddo.  Gotta get just a bit bigger first :-)

How was your holiday weekend?  No BBQ's for us this year....we really felt the need to hunker down and focus while we still had some time and I had some (non waddling) energy. Phew!

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