Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mama Said

Because she carried you for 9 months (which is hard work!)
Because she fixed your boo boos and gave the best hugs.
Because she taught you how to read and tie your shoes.
Because she taught you wrong from right and how to survive in the real world.
Because she bakes the best cookies out of anyone.  Ever.
Because a meal at her house wouldn't be complete without 300 million leftovers.
Because she never stopped spoiling you with anything...most importantly, love.
Because she'll always love you, no matter what.
 Because even though you might be all growed up, you can still be a kiddo in her eyes.
Because she makes you feel beautiful....on your best days, and your worst.
Because anything you could give her, homemade or not (we don't have the stuff for pancakes....) is the best gift, period.
 Because you couldn't have made the next generation without her :-P
To all the moms out there, Happy Mother's Day!  We appreciate and love you so much more than we can say!!

And yes...that's to the fur moms, too :-D

And the momma's to be, too, of course :-)

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