Thursday, May 9, 2013

Fuzzy Love

Well, the good news is, my fur child seems to be almost back to normal!  It was touch and go there for a few days!!  Backing up.....
For those of you that don't know me that well, I am a huge cat lover.  I've always had them-when I was growing up, my mom had anywhere from 5-7 cats all the time.  Yeah, she's a cat lady, she admits it.  Even though they were "family cats", there was always one cat that was mine.  I got Ginger, my little orange and white buddy, when I was 3....and carried him everywhere.  By the tail.  Now that's love.  He palled around with me till my senior year, then went to the big catnip tree in the sky.
When I was a freshman in high school, I got my little Summer girl.  We went to Lollypop to pick out a cat for mom, and this little feisty calico caught my eye.  We took her in the observation room to bond, and I kept trying to play with her...and she wanted nothing to do with me.  I was just about to give up when she went bombing across the room, ran smack into the glass wall, and fell back, dazed.  She shook her head a few times, looked at me, jumped in my lap, and started purring.
Sixteen years later, she's seen me through high school (posing with me for my senior yearbook photo!), college, my first apartment, countless boyfriends (some she liked, some not so much), and of course, my hubby.  She was there with me the night before my wedding.  And without a doubt, the first one that knew about baby g.
And she's never stopped purring, being my buddy, or being there for me.
A few days ago, I thought I was gonna lose her.  Upper respiratory infection, while the equivalent of the human cold, can be pretty serious in cats, especially if they are older.  And when you weigh 6.5 pounds's super serious.  Especially when you lose almost a pound in 3 days.  And won't eat.  Or drink.
So we took her to the kitty ER.  And fed her with an eye dropper.  And gave her sips with one.  And sat with her for a few nights, making sure she was okay.
She may not be a human child.  And some people might not understand it.  But this little kiddo is my fur child in every sense, and without her I know I would be so lost.
Cats don't live forever.  And 16 is certainly a ripe old age for any kiddo.  But over the last few days, I've dome to realize all the little things about her that I love so much....but maybe never thought about or appreciated nearly enough.
My best friend who...

* Greets me at the door every day when I come home-after seeing her little face in the window as I pull in the driveway, just waiting for me.
*Shares milk from my cereal, my goldfish crackers, and my leftover dinner water.
* Eats corn off the cob
* Sits with me while I am writing and butts her head up against my chin to let me know that she's there.
*Snuggles up against me in bed and let's me sleep chin to back...and doesn't even mind when I um, drool on her.  Just slightly.
* Gives me love and purrs when I feel down, or tired, or sick, or on any random Wednesday...just because.
* Knows every little thing about me....from the time I was a teenager.  Everything.  And loves me just the same.

I love you, my little summer girl (named after A Mid Summer night's Dream-yay for the Bard!)  My Roo, my Jones, my snugglicious....or any other silly name I might call you, ever.  You're my bestest fur bud, and I hope to keep you around for another 10 years!

Go hug your cat or dog.  They surely deserve it-even if they never say they love you, they do.  And what would you do without them, really? :-)


  1. Ahhh...Ginger. The most beautiful cat that loved to hate me. You get the carry him around by the tail and he loves you, but just throw him down the laundry shute one time....

    (just teasing, that had to be lisa)

    I really liked that cat too, of course Tigger always was my fav :)

  2. I love my kitty too! I feel the same way about her (and Cherry)! I am hoping to add a dog to my little family this summer too!

  3. This post made me all weepy - and caused me to annoy the daylights out of my rabbits with extra ear rubs! I'm glad your furbaby is doing better.

  4. awww thanks everyone :-) Pet love is the BEST....and Shel, I think Ginger was just wary of either your or Lisa after that stunt :-P