Monday, November 26, 2012

Visions of Sugar Plum (fairies)

And the Christmas Season has officially begun!  Last night, the hubs and I went to go see the Rochester City Ballet's Nutcracker at Eastman Theatre with our friends Alexa and Solveig.  We scored some sweet tickets from Amazon local, so all 4 of us went for $99.  How can you beat that?
I've seen the Nutcracker before, but haven;t been to the RCB version since I was a little kid (Fact-When I was 6, I was one of the little ballerinas in the show!  I was an angel).  A few years ago, the hubs took me to see the Great Russian Nutcracker, which is beautiful and elegant (except when the Nutcracker falls offstage doing fouettes.  Oh yeah.  That happened).  But there's something childlike and and exciting about the "American" Nutcracker that makes me feel like an 8 year old at Christmas time.
And it did not disappoint.
The Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra provided the music, and was seamless.  I got to see a bunch of familiar faces from the company (I knew these people growing up), and the hubster called shenanigans on my during "Waltz of the Flowers" when I unknowingly was tapping my fingers to the steps.  Oops!  (Update to those who did NOT know me when I was small-I danced for 12 years  growing up, then picked it back up for a few years in college.  Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Modern, name it. I was never awesome, but I thoroughly enjoyed it!)
As for last inner ballerina was awakened.
Beautiful solos
Elegant Pas de Deux's.
The Corps de Ballet, moving as one.
The adorable kids during the sweets ensemble.
And the music....oh the music!
Pretty sure I rummaged through my old ballet CD;s and have been playing the Bolshoi Ballet nutcracker CD all day long.
And I may or may not have been tour jete-ing across the living room while dinner was cooking.
I won't tell if you won't.
Some things just don't change as you grow up :-)

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